IPod first virus detected

    The Russians had a special reason for pride: our Kaspersky Lab discovered the first virus for the iPod. A virtual creature called Podloso does not pose a real threat, but it proves the very possibility of writing malicious programs for these devices in the future. Such viruses are called conceptual viruses.

    For the virus to work, the player must have the Linux operating system installed. After recording to the user's iPod, Podloso installs itself in a folder containing demo versions of programs. Automatically starting the virus is not possible and must be done by the user (I immediately remember a joke about the virus developed in Albania ).

    After starting, the program scans the player’s hard drive and infects executable files with the .elf extension. When you try to run such files, the virus displays the following message on the device screen: "You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus."

    via Kaspersky Lab

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