Gallery cloud

    If someone already came up with me - it's a shame. The thought came yesterday, I am writing today.

    A cloud of tags (categories) will not surprise anyone. The principle of output is also known to everyone: two font size values ​​are specified - the largest (let it be 40px) and, accordingly, the smallest (let 10). These are the limits within which the values ​​for the size of the displayed category are taken depending on various conditions: the number of views, records, etc.

    But this is with regard to news feeds, blogs and other resources, where the main content is text. But what about photo galleries?

    Now let's recall one of the features of html - setting the image size as a percentage of its actual size. This is done in an elementary way: instead of the initial parameters, we set the values ​​from 1 to 100%.
    Many galleries support the creation of identical previews for albums: for example, a square section is cut out of a photo and compressed to 100 by 100 px.

    Now all together. Let us have two values ​​given - 25% and 100%. 25% - the size of the side of the preview from the original size (for example, they took 100px) with the least number of visits (or posted photos),
    and 100%, respectively, with the largest.

    We get a kind of "cloud of galleries" =)

    UPD: something like this.

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