Scripting engine .NET / Mono. Multilingual Web Manifesto

    Time for a new web. Web in which you can write in many programming languages.

    We have .NET.
    We have Mono.
    Browser developers do not need to use them as a scripting engine.
    Then developers will be able to focus on fast rendering without bugs and if they want they can develop .NET / Mono.

    Why it will be better than the current situation on the web in detail.

    1. We are tired of the fact that JS is the only language on the client side. We want freedom of choice of language. And we don’t need crutches translators% language% -> js. Each language is designed for specific tasks. It is foolish to write a math program in js when there is a family of ML languages. Or 3d rendering on untyped js without the convenience of overloading operators with a garbage collector when this can be done in C ++.
    2. We need convenient modern development environments with high-quality debug and refactoring. Debug by the console or in the small window of the built-in debugger in the browser should be a thing of the past. Naturally this does not apply to css.
    3. Pretty wretched minification of js and code compression hacks. The browser must load and execute the binary CIL code. CIL is absolutely safe byte code compiling into the native code of the client's host machine.
    4. There is nothing difficult to embed CIL in a browser render. CIL is designed with native OOP support. It is enough for the browser to provide standard DOM classes in a secure CRL runtime.
    5. No more painful language switching. Remember how often you wrote '$ i' in js and 'var i' in php. A single language on the server and on the client will allow you to not rewrite many classes from one language to another.
    6. .NET / Mono runs on all popular platforms. x86, arm, windows, linux, BSD, iOS, android (during porting), webos ( )
    7. Of course, we understand that browsers are fighting for the market. JS speed, rendering, simplicity and accessibility, unique features ... all this for advertising your own browser. Browser developers, you just need to remove the js speed from this long list.
    I agree? Vote on browser bugtrackers.

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