Empire Strikes Back 2

    Today I was very pleased with Habr. No, honestly, I haven’t had such fun for a long time reading one of the articles, namely Google Cloud Connect - the empire strikes back . I just did not understand why she is on the Google blog, and not in Habraumor. For those who missed everything, a short story: Microsoft was on the verge of survival, and all because Google released the Toolbar, which allows you to synchronize files with Google Docs.

    Everyone is already accustomed to the fact that Habr is an ecumenical center of holivarschikov and mikrosoftonenavistnikov, but that's not the point. Not, it would seem, good news for everyone (and Microsoft in particular) - now all lovers of Google Docs will be able to work with it twice as convenient (although this terrible panel ...) using Microsoft Word, but “empire”, “retaliation "," This is a war in which the strongest will win. " Wow ... given the fact that similar tools already existed before.

    I am already silent about the opposition of OO vs. Word vs. Google Docs This is generally a classic. But I would like to open another ecumenical conspiracy: Word is not only a text editor.

    For example, Word cannot be considered separately from Office, and it also includes Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. And if each component individually can still be somehow noticed, then complex use will not be replaced by anyone. Plus, the integration of Office products from SharePoint, SQL Server, ending with Visual Studio and TFS - all this is the norm.

    The argument “I don’t have to write a lot, OO or Google Docs is enough for me” is generally an ironic and deadly argument. But the whole joke is that if you do not need serious software (in this context we are talking not only about Word), then excuse me for my French, you generally * I don’t do serious. Because a little bit of a difficult task requires serious software and skills for it.

    The ability to use business intelligence, build OLAP cubes, Data Mining methods, visualize data using Pivot, automatically build graphs, reports, demos, publish articles on blogs - this is a small list of what they are using the office suite from MS now. I’m not talking about a bunch of plugins that allow you to design aircraft designs directly in Word. And you say Google Docs ...

    I’m by no means telling all users of Google Docs to switch to Word, just let's tie it up with inadequate ones, or at least publish such articles in the right humorous blogs.

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