Photofile Clip Client Screenshot Utility

    Good day, dear Habrausers.
    I want to share my impressions about the recently released utility from the creators of the PHOTOFILE.RU project - Photofile Clip Client .
    This utility is available in Russian and English localization, it allows you to quickly create a screenshot of a given area of ​​the screen and immediately upload the resulting image to photo hosting, or save it on a local hard drive and transfer it in any other convenient way. The program keeps a history of downloads to the server, if necessary, you can always open the downloaded picture. It is important that there is no list of downloaded files in public access and no one except you will be able to see the full list of published images. If you wish, any picture is easy to remove from the hosting - you just need to select the appropriate option in the context menu in the history window.

    The main functionality of the utility allows you to use tools convenient for making screenshots, such as “Draw an arrow”, “Rotate image”, “Add caption”, “Cut area” and others.
    From personal experience I can say that often a lot of time is spent explaining to the user how to save a screenshot to a file. Due to the fairly simple and intuitive interface Photofile Clip Clientcan help make life easier for many technical support staff, a system administrator, and everyone who has to work with users and diagnose certain software errors. Before receiving a link to a screenshot, the user will only have 3 simple steps: Press the “Print Screen” key, select the area on the screen (cut out the necessary part) and click on the “Upload to Internet” button. Since the development is part of the large Russian photo hosting PHOTOFILE.RU , you can upload screenshots (or images opened in the program) immediately to free hosting . Images are stored on this service for an unlimited time, the number and speed of downloaded images are not limited.
    The capture function is called up by the “Print Screen” button, which is very convenient. For full-screen applications, you can use the option “Capture the whole screen”, in this case, when using capture in the game, the user does not break away from the game process, and the screenshot taken is automatically placed in the editor.

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