The second life of the site ZX Spectrum Art

    About a year ago, I delved into my archive and found a disc with about three thousand games for the ZX Spectrum. It was a day off, and the idea came to my mind: to make a website gallery of Speccy boot screens.

    As a result, a script was written that tore the pictures from the archives and carefully put them in a separate folder.

    It turned out more than 2,000 pictures, among which there were also masterpieces of pixel art.

    But on the web it looked very miserable:

    A week ago I returned to the domain and now this is a completely different story ...

    I started by clearing out all the garbage and leaving only those pictures that have fond memories, or which show the possibilities of graphics Spectrum and human thought. Only 174 images from more than 2,000 remained.

    From the point of view of organizing the gallery, it seemed to me that it was not necessary to give smaller copies, but fragments of the initial loading screen with a pop-up prompt for the name of the game.

    It was also decided to make the site single-page by loading screenshots through Ajax.

    Undoubtedly, I did not intend to spend millions or even thousands of rubles on reanimating the project, so the “design” was conceived only in such a way as not to distract from viewing the graphics.

    The resource was completed a couple of days ago. But still, something was missing. What else was ZX Spectrum famous for besides games? Of course, music! I selected several tracks and inserted the player into the template. It has become much more fun.

    And yes. I almost forgot. By clicking 2 times on the animated film in the footer, you will remember ... however, it is better to see it once at www.zx-art.ruthan read a hundred times.

    UPD: The site is working again. Rucenter, as usual, excelled ...

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