Magento Community Edition Released -

    While we all slept quietly here, on the other side of the planet in the midst of a sunny American day, the latest release of the e-commerce platform Magento Community Edition (that is, the free version of this open-source system) was released.

    The previous release was released a month ago in June, and therefore the frequency of updates is quite pleasant. The main emphasis in the new release was made on the corrections of problems and errors found by users of the system - therefore, only the youngest figure has changed in the version.

    Before upgrading, do not forget to make a full backup, clear the system’s internal cache and disable its compiler in the admin panel. The update itself can be done through Magento Connect Manager or by rolling on your data system from scratch.

    Also useful links to the studio:
    Magento website - you can download the system on it
    list of changes and corrections in CE - see what has been done, whether you need to urgently update or you can still sleep for a couple of days
    diff-files of changes in the sources - 1.4. 1.1 - for those to whom the code speaks more words

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