FireFox + WebMoney

    It is known that the standard FireFox does not allow authorization using WebMoney Keeper Classic when making payments. In this regard, some are switching to WebMoney Keeper Lights, some are using IE for payments. Nikita Senchenko on his site suggests using the IE engine in a separate FireFox tab, they brought this solution to Habré. About a month ago I found the best solution, it didn’t seem to be on Khabr

    The solution is implemented by a person with the nickname DKameleon and is described on this page . Here is a short excerpt from the instructions:
    1. take the archive and unpack
    2. the author suggests installing GreaseMonkey from the archive, but from the moment of its publication the plugin has been updated, and it is better to install it from here
    3. put mozactivex-ff-webmoney.xpi
    4. restart firefox
    5. from the scripts folder of the unpacked archive, drag it to the FireFox window and install all the scripts

    Now in the Merchant Webmoney section you will see this icon in the upper left corner:

    Click on it and voila ... you are authorized in the merchant. The feature of this solution is that a double-click occurs and the button in the Active-x window is also pressed.

    PS How much more leaky became FireFox after installing mozactivex-ff-webmoney.xpi - the question is open. But convenience overpowers;)

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