Will Microsoft Follow Apple?

    After Jobs's statement, Microsoft did not skimp on words and comments, which flashed some interesting points about the future of DRM in Zune.

    Microsoft said the following regarding Apple and EMI:
    Consumers have shown their interest in music without DRM protection, and Zune is already working with various partners in this direction. This is a new stage in the development of the music industry, and Microsoft is looking for a middle ground where both users and copyright holders are good.

    Here's a general Microsoft opinion on DRM:
    Despite the abolition of the use of DRM for downloading music, DRM technology will continue to play a key role in the digital content business. Services that provide music by subscription, for example - they use DRM to provide customers with unlimited access to millions of music tracks. In addition, DRM is also used in the sale of high-quality video. We want to provide a flexible DRM technology that would give the right to choose the method of content delivery to the copyright holder and the right to choose a huge amount of high-quality content to consumers.

    So far, these are just words - we will wait for deeds. Who knows, maybe soon there will be a reason to buy Zune ...

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