Lenta.ru client for Android

    Hi, Habr.

    In order to pass the end of the New Year holidays, the client decided to write for Lenta.ru

    News by category, you can scroll vertically and horizontally, the navigation buttons allow you to open the next (previous) block of 7 news in the selected category. News is taken from the RSS feed, after the first synchronization there will be a little, then the number will be replenished.

    4x1 widget with navigation, in the widget settings you can choose how often to synchronize with lenta.ru and the widget update frequency, what information to display in the widget: picture, title, announcement.

    Before leaving the house, we synchronize via wi-fi, then in the transport we read from the cache.

    Link to the market: install

    I will be glad to wishes and criticism both here and at kkruchin@gmail.com

    ps The
    Rss feed of the Ribbon.ru does not contain links to the picture and the body of the news, then probably a regular Rss reader will not show the picture, unless it is sharpened by the Ribbon, this is one of the differences.

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