Vodafone Data Leak - As It Was

    The dominance of yellowness on the habr begins to get fed up, because I will slowly refute the most egregious "news". It’s a pity it’s already impossible to create a new blog, advise where to transfer if there is a more suitable place.

    Today's patient - In the Network has got a detailed database of millions of customers, Vodafone

    January 9 Australian media group Fairfax published in its news editions of The
    the Sunday of Age
    news "Vodafone mobile records Leaked" - translated as "An Vodafone data leakage." The text of the news reports the following:
    We became aware that criminal organizations are buying the private data of some Vodafone customers for the purpose of blackmail. Also, some people may have gained access to records of calls of their spouses.
    Access to private data is possible from any computer, as it is stored on a public server, and not on a closed company intranet. These data are the numbers of the calls made and the numbers on which the SMS was sent, as well as the time and location of the caller.
    And 9 thousand lawsuits are actually a class action lawsuit from customers because of dissatisfaction with the quality of the network.

    The news is that the data that any dealer or other authorized employee has access to is stored on the Internet and not in a closed private network.

    But “the Network has got a detailed database of millions of customers” sounds a lot louder, right?

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