33 million court decisions of various courts of the Russian Federation became open data


    Judicial decisions of arbitration courts (14,810,402 documents), courts of general jurisdiction (9,147,074 documents) and magistrates courts (9,398,347 documents) of the Russian Federation. Total documents: 33 355 823. All decisions are archived and arranged in folders with the names of the vessels, the archive size in compressed form is 150Gb.
    Here is the magnet link. fc9ab4d0f50184ee5b9f40feca77533a219fd4f4

    This open data set is intended for researchers of the judicial system and judicial practice.

    Checksums of files (md5 hash):
    d991a8e170636ab2a57810eeab846362 arb_sud.tar
    3f415e6c12df10c0408c379a9a5cc3bc mir_sud.tar
    9c1026d08a5453f8355463ca0eec68c7 sou.tar
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