Python Meetup 02/27/15: Hy and Toga

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On February 27, the next Python Meetup took place. This time we discussed:

  • Hy  is a dialect that allows Lisp developers to use Python libraries, and Python developers can find a solution to some problems of the language, for example, the absence of parentheses.
  • Toga  is a Python interface building library that at first glance looks like a simple and universal tool, but in fact has a number of flaws.

During Lightning Talk, participants shared their experience in exporting .doc files and ideas for using AST to translate Python to Ruby, JavaScript, C ++, etc.

Introducing Hy / Andrey Zhlobich
Web Developer Wargaming
From the talk, you will learn the differences between the Python code and Hy, the new Lisp dialect. Hy code has a number of advantages that make its use more convenient: the presence of brackets, the ability to use macros, a small number of nodes, etc. However, it also has its drawbacks.
Andrew in detail, with examples, highlighted all the pros and cons of Hy.
The report will be interesting to developers who like to try new technologies; there are not enough brackets in Python.
Watch Andrey's presentation

Toga: yet another GUI toolkit on Python / Dmitry Ovchinnikov
Web Developer Wargaming
There are quite a few different libraries for building graphical interfaces. What makes Toga stand out among them? This cross-platform library uses native widgets of the operating system on which it runs. As a result, it can run on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android. In a logical, thoughtful and well-designed Toga, there are a number of serious drawbacks that do not yet allow us to talk about it as a full-fledged working tool. And the community can fix it.
It is recommended for viewing to all developers who love their work and are ready to create Open Source programs in their free time.
Watch Dmitry's presentation

Some more useful ideas in  blitz reports :

What is AST? / Anatoly Babenya

How parse .doc / Pavel Tyslyatsky

The next Python Meetup will take place this Friday, March 27th.
Mitap Program:
  • Machine learning with Python / Oleg Shidlovsky, Web developer Doist
  • Python AST: Between Source and Bytecode / Nikolai Karelin, System Architect VPI Development Center
  • How to download World of Tanks player stats in one night? / Pavel Perestoronin

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See you at Python Meetup!

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