K-Meleon hails the Hawkers

Hello, Habralyud!

Less than ... many years since I got here, and now I can welcome the community as a full member.
As the current leader of the Russian K-Meleon team, I open this blog dedicated to one of the oldest current browsers in the world.

Yes, this is not a joke - when Microsoft completes its plans to kill IE, replacing it with a new brand, K-Meleon will become the oldest in the world of modern desktop browsers on the Windows platform. Those that are updated and retain compatibility with the modern web so far.

K-Meleon appeared in 2000, before Firefox. Of those born before him, only the old man IE survived, I repeat. Opera is no longer Opera, all the rest were either born later. either died earlier.

K-Meleon also had a difficult period of 3 years of lethargic sleep, when many decided that "Bobby was dead."
However, a miracle happened - and the project came to life. And today I’m ready to look to the future with optimism.

But these 3 years cost the browser very expensive - the general public, accustomed in recent years to the crazy rhythm of the browser race, completely forgot about the player, who was previously not the most popular on the market.

K-Meleon has lost both users and developers (which is more critical). And most importantly - he lost his place in the information space. Many of you probably have not heard of him, and many consider it a "corpse." One way or another, and almost no browser discussions about KM usually even remember.

The Russian team in my person is trying to fill in, above all, this information gap.
By the way, let me introduce myself : Rodion Vodeiko aka rodocop - it so happened that the main one now is K-Meleon in Runet. The man who picked up the banner that had previously been honorably carried by such worthy fighters as Quicksilver Tears and Alex Tarantul.

I myself, alas, am not a developer, but I am engaged in Russification of the browser, Russian-speaking user support, I support my assembly as much as possible and, most importantly, I am engaged in popularizing the project.

Therefore, from now on there will be one browser more. And with the help of your feedback, Habraytans and hiktimers, we will try to make K-Meleon better.

By the way, those who want to write their name in history can join us - the project needs new developers and just active users like air.

What for? Well, simply because at least in the world of software there must be an alternative. And today, the world of browsers is so prone to brutal convergence that “with all the wealth of choice, there is no other alternative to [Cameleon]!”

Why - we will talk about this in our blog further. Show off, debate, catch feedback and just share some news. Welcome to our blog!

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