PHP Digest No. 58 - Interesting news, materials and tools (February 22 - March 16, 2015)

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    News and Releases


    • must readScalar Type Hints - The saga of typing hinting for scalars continues. Three proposals are pending:
      1. RFC: Coercive Types for Function Type Arguments
      2. RFC: Dual Mode Scalar Type Declarations - Strong and Weak Typing
      3. RFC: Basic Scalar Types - a compromise in case both of the previous ones fail
      For the second option, it was proposed to change the way of setting the type of typing - instead of declare()using a special callback. Voting on the second proposal ends tomorrow. In the meantime, stocking up with PHP popcorn .
    • must readRFC: Exceptions in the engine - Almost unanimously, the proposal to implement ordinary exceptions in PHP 7 instead of fatal errors was accepted. It will also be possible to catch parsing errors. In addition, a new hierarchy has been introduced so that code using trapping of all exceptions catch(Exception $e)does not accidentally catch fatal errors and parsing errors. A new base type has been introduced BaseException, which is directly extended by types EngineException, ParseExceptionand actually Exception.
    • RFC: Consistent Function Names - One of the most common claims against PHP is the inconsistency of function naming and parameter sequences. It is proposed to rename functions, and to implement aliases for old names. An impressive list of renaming candidate functions is attached.
    • RFC: Strict Argument Count On Function Calls - The sentence assumes that the interpreter should give a warning when the function is called with more arguments than the specified signature. Post in support .
    • RFC: Anonymous Classes - Voting has started on a proposal to implement anonymous classes in PHP.
    • RFC: Easy User-land CSPRNG - It is proposed to add a simple cryptographically robust pseudorandom number generator in the form of functions random_bytes(int length)and random_int(int min, int max).
    • RFC: Generator Delegation - It is proposed to implement a syntax that allows generators to delegate Traversable operations to objects and arrays.yield from
    • RFC: Generator Return Expressions - Necessary for the previous sentence change - support returnin generators.
    • RFC: Reclassify E_STRICT notices - It is proposed to get rid of the E_STRICT error class - to transfer some to other classes, and remove irrelevant ones.


    • Webiny Framework - Another PHP framework and review post .
    • klermonte / zerg - A small library for parsing structured binary files.
    • wapmorgan / HttpServer - Http-server fully written in PHP.
    • briannesbitt / Carbon - A handy wrapper for date and time functions in PHP.
    • jbroadway / urlify - Library for generating urls (slug), supports transliteration. Port URLify.js from Django.
    • Dashbrew - Build a Vagrant box with a convenient, configurable environment for developing PHP applications.
    • maknz / slack - A library for sending and receiving messages from Slack .
    • Boris - Great REPL for PHP.
    • cartalyst / converter - A library for converting values ​​from various measurement systems.
    • FastRoute - The fastest router from Nikita Popov has been updated. In version 0.4.0, the ability to register a route with several methods with one call is added.
    • Graphene - Graph database in PHP + MySQL.
    • phrep - Macro preprocessor for PHP.
    • mcordingley / Regression - A library that implements basic regression analysis algorithms.
    • bound1ess / adviser - CLI tool for checking PHP projects for readme / license / contributing files, correct settings for the Git repository and Composer manifest, support for PSR-2, SemVer, etc.

    Learning Materials

    Audio and video

    • must readvideoPHP must watch - A collection of recommended videos for viewing in PHP.
    • videoZF3 SF meetup - About Zend Framework 3 by Matthew Weier O'Phinney.


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