DUMP 2015 Conference: Testing Section

    On March 20, the fifth DUMP developer conference will be held in Yekaterinburg . Traditionally, we publish section reviews from our program directors.

    Our first post is from the program director of the Testing section Ilya Vakhrushev, a tester from Exadel, about what will be interesting in the section and why go to it.

    A year has passed, on the heels of DUMP-2015 , and Wolonter and I do not give up and are preparing the next section for testers at the upcoming conference.

    The first attempt turned out pretty good, although not without comment. But we are only happy for them - this means that people are involved in a dialogue, they want to communicate and share experiences. And now we know in which direction to move.

    But to be honest, the audience only hinted to us that there were more reports on what topic than we wanted. Yes, this is automation beloved by the authorities :)

    We faced a difficult task, so we decided on a risky step and collected reports on everything that testers do, except testing. For all, of course, there was not enough time, but we chose topics that could interest the majority. And not just testers. Elvira Soboleva (SKB Kontur) will tell how to testers keep their finger on the pulse of the team and help the development manager solve problems at the operational level. And, in general, to seize a piece of power - to become an iteration manager. Anton Vdovichenko


    (SKB Kontur) will show how to give a second life to documentation and make users happier. Different approaches to solving the problem, useful sources of information, examples - everything will be.

    Maxim Zakharov (Yandex) will share his experiences about the suddenly left the profession. Many people know why testers are leaving for other positions, and we will have the answer to the question "how and why it is worth staying." And while not deny yourself a sandwich with caviar.

    Igor Panchenko(Redcrot) tickles your nerves with pentester tales. After this report, you are unlikely to be able to test the application for XSS and SQL injections and go to sleep soundly. Are you afraid of becoming a victim of a schoolboy, losing a customer base and years of promotion for 300r or because of the carelessness of a programmer who was fired 3 years ago? From these problems we will prompt a tool.

    Alexey Lupan will return us to the ground and give advice on working with requirements - good and not so good. Clearly and to the point.

    And in between reports, we will surprise you with news from the "mainland". These are our plans.
    It is in your power to make the conference even more interesting - come, ask the speakers interesting questions and talk with colleagues.

    We are waiting for you on March 20. Come, it will be interesting.

    PS Have you figured out what thoughts to share with the testers of Yekaterinburg? Glad your topics now!

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