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    Good afternoon. I want to share with the community the problem that has arisen and, unfortunately, is no longer new when using Yandex search from the Republic of Belarus and, if possible, get comments from the company employees themselves.

    In the case of using Yandex, the lion's share of users from the Republic of Belarus turned out to be in the trap of the internet. Even when entering into the address bar by hand, the insidious search engine will automatically redirect to the .by zone, without options. Quiet, silent, elegant.

    This post is positioned by me as a company’s feedback, and not as a hat, or unreasonable criticism.

    [UPD] A response was received from YandexSupport on Twitter. He is at the end of the publication.

    Unfortunately yes. The moment has come when companies decide on their own what is best for the user. In Belarus, since the byte is small in size, one often has to turn to a search sample of the Russian network segment. The transition to search or has long been carried out by directly entering the address and the user could easily get to where he needs to.

    A fresh screenshot, when switching to, everything works out correctly.

    And then I thought, do they really care about me so much that they don’t give me a search query of Runet from a Russian-speaking country, or is this some kind of special policy of the Yandex division in my country?

    Unfortunately, this incredible “feature” of promoting localized services and markets is turned off only when you change your location in Yandex settings for a Russian city:


    And here we virtually poke, for example, in

    non-rubber : Tadam! is again available from my third world country, with a market and everything else. What is most surprising, when changing the location, I calmly get to, and then back to

    For those who want to test: you can come to the settings in Minsk and get to know all the hopelessness of the situation.

    Gentlemen from Yandex, please tell me why you so rudely decide for users where to look for information and what resources to have access to? I understand the regional binding, but if a person enters an address through .ru, then he most likely knows what he is doing, and if he doesn’t, then screw the notification that he turned “not there”. Unfortunately, not everyone can think of a "come" somewhere in the Russian Federation, and even this is stupid and inconvenient.

    Please return the choice to Belarusians, at least in this.

    PS For those who suffer with a Google redirect from .com to .ru, comrade shifttstas suggests using (No country redirect) in the comments .

    UPD1: Yandex support on Twitter suggests making virtual moves, i.e. use the “crutch”.


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    • 4% Positive, I only need to search for my region. 80
    • 80.8% Negative, there must be a right to choose. 1607
    • 15.1% In the Russian Federation there are no such restrictions, but what about the potato ghetto does not interest me. 301

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