Conference .NEXT returns to St. Petersburg

    Last year we held two .NEXT conferences: in April in St. Petersburg and in December in Moscow. Since this year April is already overloaded with events, we decided to postpone St. Petersburg .NEXT to the beginning of June.

    So, on Friday, June 5 in St. Petersburg at the Pulkovskaya Hotel will be held the third independent conference for .NET-programmers .NEXT. The conference will bring together more than 400 people directly on the site and more than 100 people online.

    Traditionally, among our speakers will be:
    • leaders of .NET hubs
    • Leading Engineers at JetBrains
    • Microsoft evangelists

    and other great professionals. It will not do without speakers, surprises. However, about this in one of the following announcements.

    Registration for the conference will open in April, but for now we are beginning to accept applications for reports. If you want to make a presentation at .NEXT 2015 Piter, just fill out the application .

    The conference program committee this time consists of three people

    Dmitry mezastel Nesteruk, JetBrains
    Developer, podcast and frequent speaker at programming events. He is interested in modern approaches to the development and efficient use of software and hardware resources for solving complex problems. Microsoft MVP C # since 2009. He works as a technical evangelist at JetBrains.

    Andrey DreamWalker Akinshin, Enterra
    Lead .NET Developer, MCP, Ph.D., silver medalist of ACM ICPC, postdoc at Weizmann Institute of Science. In her free time she loves to understand .NET internals and share interesting finds with the community.

    Andrey real_ales Dmitriev, NetCracker The
    most experienced program director, who has a dozen major conferences for programmers. The organizer of the meetings of and the CodeFreeze community in St. Petersburg and Moscow. For several years, he developed the graphical stack of JDK libraries in Sun and Oracle, and currently works as the manager of the load testing group at NetCracker.

    Conference site:

    Ticket sales will open in early April. Follow the announcements!

    If you want to see any specific speakers or hear reports on any specific topics - write in the comments.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Presentations on what topics do you want to hear at .NEXT 2015 in St. Petersburg?

    • 53.1% .NET Developer Tools 68
    • 43.7% Modern frameworks 56
    • 29.6% Development of server and client-server applications 38
    • 65.6% C # 6.0 and Roslyn 84
    • 42.9% Inside CLR 55
    • 27.3% Alternative .NET Implementations (Non-Microsoft) 35
    • 9.3% Compatibility Issues 12
    • 45.3% .NET and OpenSource 58
    • 53.9% multithreading 69
    • 55.4% architecture for complex .NET applications 71
    • 45.3% ASP.NET and ASP.NET vNext 58
    • 25% Desktop Application Development 32
    • 16.4% Security 21
    • 29.6% SQL / NoSQL / NewSQL 38
    • 7.8% Embedded Development 10
    • 32% Mobile software development (Windows Phone, Xamarin) 41
    • 20.3% Build Systems 26
    • 28.9% Project dependency management 37
    • 25.7% Game development 33
    • 39% Testing .NET Applications 50

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