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Release 1.5.0, Buffer.indexOf (), Tessel 2, and more.

Io.js 1.5.0 release

@Rvagg released io.js v1.5.0 on Friday, March 6th . A complete list of changes can be found on GitHub .

Major changes

  • buffer : A new method Buffer#indexOf()similar Array#indexOf(). May take a string, Buffer, or a number as an argument. Strings are interpreted as UTF8. (Trevor Norris) # 561
  • fs : The parameter object optionsin module methods 'fs'no longer performs validation hasOwnProperty(), allowing parameter objects to have properties in the prototypes that will be applied. (Jonathan Ong) # 635
  • tls : PayPal has reported a possible memory leak in TLS. Some recent changes to stream_wrap have proven guilty of this. The initial revision is located at # 1078 , you can monitor the progress of fixing the leak at # 1075 (Fedor Indutny).
  • npm : Upgrading npm to 2.7.0. See npm CHANGELOG.md for more details, including why this is a minor version increase, although it might be major.
  • TC : Colin Ihrig (@cjihrig) declined to participate in the Technical Committee due to a desire to write more code and less attend meetings.

Known Issues

  • There may be a memory leak in TLS, more details can be found in # 1075 .
  • Some tests on Windows still fail. Correction of errors associated with them is a priority for us. See # 1005 .
  • Surrogate pair in REPL may lead to terminal hangs # 690
  • Unable to build io.js as a static library # 686
  • process.send()not synchronous, as the documentation suggests, rollback introduced in 1.0.2, review # 760 and revision in # 774

Community news

  • You can sleep peacefully knowing that io.js and the last node.js are not affected by the FREAK Attack . You are running io.js or the latest version of node.js, aren't you?
  • Walmart now sponsors an assembly machine for the io.js Jenkins CI system. The @ iojs / build team is working on creating io.js binaries for SunOS (similar to the ones you can get on nodejs.org). You need to make changes to V8 ( iojs / io.js # 1079 ) to continue.
  • We would also like to thank the following companies for their contribution to io.js assembly technology / support / design / assembly equipment:
    • Digital Ocean (Linux)
    • Rackspace (Windows)
    • Voxer (OS X and FreeBSD)
    • NodeSource (ARMv6 & ARMv7)
    • Linaro (ARMv8)
    • Walmart (SmartOS / Solaris)
  • The io.js community is working hard to internationalize all of its content. More than 20 languages ​​are published on iojs.org and international community sites. In addition to this, translation links ( iojs / website # 258 ) were added to the website footer for easier access. Is your language missing? Help us add it!
  • Speaking of translations, links to translations into other languages ​​were added to the presentation of the io.js development plan .
  • PayPal seems to be conducting an experiment comparing Kappa 's work on io.js, node.js 0.12, node.js v0.10. The PayPal team discovered a likely memory leak in TLS. Initial revision is located at # 1078 , and progress towards eliminating the leak at # 1075
  • NodeSource now supports io.js. Linux binary packagefor both Ubuntu / Debian and the RHEL / Fedora distribution.
  • io.js Docker build is one of thirteen new official Docker repositories added in January and February.
  • People interested in NodeBots and IoT should be happy to hear that Tessel2 now runs io.js natively .
  • @maxbeatty is working on a new version of the jsperf.com backend, which runs on io.js and is completely open source . Those wishing to help, welcome!
  • @eranhammer wrote a post entitled The Node Version Dilemma , which discusses the various versions of node.js / io.js and suggests when and which ones can be used.

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