C ++ Russia and after


    At the end of February in Moscow with the support of Kaspersky Lab, JetBrains, PVS-Studio and IncrediBuild, the conference C ++ Russia, 2015 was held: 2 days, 2 tracks, 16 reports, 300 participants.

    Recently, we posted the slides of all the reports and continue to work on video processing. Under the cutter, a brief description, the general impression of the conference from the organizer, work on the bugs, plans for the future.

    He opened the conference Sean Parent. In the process of preparing the conference, I was surprised to learn that few C ++ programmers had heard of it. If you have never seen his speeches, I recommend that you familiarize yourself. He sometimes says unexpected things, but always very clearly explains why he decided to say this.

    There were several guests from Europe: Bartosz Milewski, Zoltan Porkolab, Rainer Grimm, Guntram Berti, Ivan Cukic. We hoped that there would be more guests, so we asked if possible to make English-language reports. However, while dealing with ticket sales in Europe, all tickets were sold. It was not possible to find out how interesting it was for foreign participants to come to Russia.

    All your base are belong to us !!

    The main goal of the conference is live professional communication, so it is great that almost every report started a discussion. I had to strictly follow the time to follow the schedule.

    Error handling

    I will not do a detailed analysis of the reports, and retell the contents. I’d better describe the mistakes that need to be worked on.

    Conference program

    The most common question I've heard is, "Where can I get the program." The schedule was on the site and we decided not to make a paper version: it is an event, all have gadgets. In vain. Firstly, our site looks terribly mobile (yes, we are C ++ developers). Secondly, not all gadgets.

    Hall A

    The largest hall looked good in the evening and empty, but it turned out to be a terrible day. It was visible and audible bad, constant extraneous noise. We have made certain conclusions for ourselves; we will try not to make such mistakes anymore.

    Conference site

    Not only does the site look awful, it doesn’t work the way we want. We will look for resources to do everything right.

    check in

    At our previous meetings, we tried to use QR codes at registration. This worked well, and we decided at the conference to mark the arrivals using the QR code on the ticket. But something went wrong and we were not ready for it. Next time we will have a fallback.

    T-shirts for organizers

    The organizers were not marked in any way, so finding us was sometimes problematic. Fix it.

    There were no dinners

    More precisely, when buying a ticket it was not possible to add food to the ticket. We recognize our guilt. Meru. Power. Depth. Now we will sell tickets with and without lunch included.

    Report Language

    The reports were in Russian and in English, but the language of the report was not indicated in the schedule. Yes, we will indicate the language.

    All these comments were received from the reviews, there are still notes made in the margins, but about them some other time.

    Thanks to all

    I saw this conference from a completely different perspective. For me, it has become a constant communication with interesting new people, solving small and big problems, financial reporting, taxes. This is a very interesting experience and I am very grateful to the people who helped me get this experience (especially reporting and taxes, yes).

    A good half of Russian-speaking speakers are regulars in the C ++ hub. Thank you guys so much! Without you, there would not be such a wonderful event.

    Thanks to all the participants! Without you, it is also unlikely that something happened. I am glad that we managed to bring together so many people who are interested in C ++.

    Special thanks to the people who provided valuable advice on the organizational side.

    Down and Out trouble started

    It's time to discuss how meetings and conferences will go on.


    The resources to hold six free meetings a year are now clearly not enough, but we will try to keep up the pace and make three to four meetings (every two to three months). While there are plans for the next six months: Veliky Novgorod and St. Petersburg.
    Why Veliky Novgorod?
    It's simple: I live here. Plus, the city is three hours by train from St. Petersburg and 8 hours from Moscow. For all participants of the meeting, a walking tour of the city is free ;-) Previously, the meeting will be held on April 25, but it is better to follow the information on the site.

    If you want to arrange a C ++ meeting in your city, let's get in touch. I will help with advice, search for speakers, support information.


    We decided to try this mode: to hold one conference a year in the European part and one on the other side of the Ural Mountains.

    The next conference will be held in Novosibirsk on August 28-29 at the Expocenter. The program is still being formed, and we are pleased to discuss any proposals. Tickets, by the way, can already be bought .


    Requirements for reports remain the same: C ++, 50 minutes, preliminary run in Skype. There were proposals to make one section of blitz reports (no more than 15 minutes). If this format is interesting and there are enough speakers, we are ready to try.

    You can submit a report to a meeting or conference here . More reports, good and different!

    See you later!

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