Habraeffect for 130,000 cameras in Moscow

    Hello, Habr! Thanks for the unexpectedly warm welcome. The high rating of our first publication and the heated discussion in the comments finally convinced us that you are a rather responsive audience and something useful will definitely come out of this venture. Today we’ll tell you more about how you can help the city become better.

    Those who were the first to leave their address on the page of our special project have already got the opportunity to look at the video.mos.ru service . We underestimated the possible number of applicants a bit, the invitations ended in just a few minutes, so we decided to give out a few more invites - you can generate them there (the usual password from the Moscow portal of public services will not work).

    Please note that the beta tester account cannot be transferred and published in the public domain, otherwise it may be blocked.

    If you are not among the participants in the test, do not be discouraged and be patient, a full launch is just around the corner.

    What do we plan as part of the testing?

    1. On your own skin to experience the "demo version" of the habraeffect. So that when we open full access, the resource does not fall under the onslaught of those who want to try it.

    2. Invite marketers and startups to think about how this service can be wrapped in a ready-made commercial offer. Yes, subsequently the city plans to partially monetize the project in order to return to the budget a part of the costs for the further deployment and maintenance of the video surveillance system. If you have interesting ideas, we are waiting for you in the comments.

    3. Invite developers to test the service, offer their ideas and send us a feedback that works poorly and that requires improvements from a technical point of view.

    4.Check the service for the possibility of hacking without a username and password for it. “Hack” us completely! Once you've tried - will you try again ?

    Separately, we want to thank you for the questions that you asked us. We tried to respond as quickly as possible, we will answer some of them (for example, about the service infrastructure) with separate detailed publications with interesting technical details. If you still have questions, then ask them in the comments already to this post, however, this time we have one request: ask questions about the project with video cameras.

    Productive weekend!

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