Introducing the New IntelĀ® IoT Developer Kit v1.0

    Creating innovative IoT solutions for the Intel Galileo and Intel Edison platforms is easy! With the new Intel IoT Developer Kit v1.0, you can get started right away. The kit is easy to use and does not require IDE configuration.
    Compared to the beta version, this version includes the following improvements:
    • Simplified creation of new projects in C / C ++ in the Eclipse * environment, added templates and samples for a quicker start of work
    • Support for over 70 sensors through UPM libraries
    • Step-by-step Windows * installer for installing and configuring Intel Edison
    • I / O Library Support for Intel Edison Microcomputers
    • Improved documentation, including a new beginner's guide and many code samples
    • Wyliodrin * (visual programming) support for Intel Edison

    Download Developer Kit

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