Grants, mitaps and schools for beginners and continuing developers in Moscow and not only. Second Edition

    After the first post, 7 people wrote to us: one got a grant for teenage programmers, the second company does a good thing for tech students, the third develops a fresh non-profit online project on the topic, the fourth recommended where to check skills, the fifth after several years of developing games decided to collect his first mitap.

    And two are only planning their programming schools.

    We decided to tell their stories, plus fill in the gap for several programs that were not included in the first digest.

    This is a real question asked by a child to Grigory Bakunov a month ago. We still walk and smile.

    Interesting things regarding, first of all, Android and Java, you can see in the first release .

    Today we’ll talk about C / C # / C ++, game dev, Ruby, Linux, Arduino, courses for your children, nephews and children of your friends. And - PHP.

    Course for students: HTML, CSS, JS

    Who: Moscow Coding School and “Prodlenka”
    Paid (19,999 rubles), there is a grant
    Pros: the first own project for a teenager 12-16 years old

    The course is in Moscow on weekends - starting from March 7, and will last 4 days off. Sergey Nugaev, who made special projects for Google, and two of his assistants for a series of four-hour classes will show the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, principles of code execution, some things about architecture and a little about mathematics. As a result, each child will create his first project.

    Yulich lesnikova after her “Prolongation about programmers” went and knocked out a grant for them to teach one boy or girl 12-16 years old: she’s generally assertive. Competitionit’s about to end, but you can try - and in the case of “did not succeed / failed”, pick up the promo code by 10% for the course itself .

    Visiting camp of applied programming and robotics in the suburbs

    Who: GoTo Camp
    Paid (22 000 r.), There is a grant
    Pros: first own project for 8-11 graders with teachers who work in Yandex, ABBYY, KROK, Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, HSE and UrFU

    Each participant will have the opportunity to implement project in one of two areas. Or it’s application development: server, mobile, with graphical and web-based interfaces. Or in the field of robotics on the Arduino platform. From an idea to a working prototype.

    Applications are accepted until March 10. The same Yulich, through her "Renewal", got a free place there: he can be won - and those who do not win can peek at the discount promotional code.

    Parallels Labs Student Labs Winter & Summer Schools

    Who: Parallels and MIPT, Moscow State University, NSU and SPbAU RAS
    Free, a scholarship based on the results of a good project is possible
    Pros: work on real projects in groups of 3-5 people even from the first year. Students from other universities are sometimes accepted.

    They do not give lectures here, but teach teamwork on a project, modeling approaches to the development of complex software products. Like in real IT companies. The range of topics for study is wide: cloud systems, multi-threaded programming, virtualization, data protection and data storage.

    Main entry criteria: at least a little programming experience. Plus the lack of triples. Therefore, they kick out sessions for the duration of the sessions. To get to the laboratory from another challenge, you must separately contactprogram representatives .

    Mitap for adult game developers

    Who: DevsGo enthusiast group
    Pros: Independence from industry companies and no entry criteria (other than confirmation that you are 21 years old or more, because the meeting is at the bar).

    The guys make their first mitap, but they want to turn it into a series of “DevsGo to DevNight”. Their leader, Cyril, has been making games for several years and even won several hackathons. On the spot - in the bar on Novokuznetskaya promised interesting news, reports and projects. Registration runs until March 17 inclusive.

    Online: library of interactive courses in C ++, Python, Linux and knowledge testing in Swift, Ruby, Scala and PHP

    Our good friend Anechka always loved Coursera (if she went to Knowledge Stream, it helped her to do it), so today I got a job in the distributed Stepic team - this is a non-profit project that helps university teachers record an open interactive library of overview courses in mathematics, programming and other topics. The project works according to the Curser model: there are start dates for courses, blocks, assignments. From the past, basic courses are available about Python, C ++ and Linux.

    And if you want a pure test of skills and knowledge, you can try WillDev - a project from Russian guys that contains tasks on Scala, Ruby, Swift, PHP, Java, C ++, C # and several others with increasing complexity.

    Some well-known paid stories that we missed in the last issue

    The site of the “Specialist” center at Bauman Moscow State Technical University is so complicated that it will not work out immediately when and what will pass. They teach a lot here that can relate to web (PHP, XML, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Ruby) and mobile development, DBMS and testing, and often build courses for different levels of training: there are a lot of things for beginners in the subject.

    Their plus is the mass of training points in Moscow, and at each point the desired course can start on different dates, which is convenient. Well, there are good teachers: we found the leading Android programming course for ourselves here. It also provides courses for high school students: C, C #, Java, HTML and CSS, Pascal.

    "School of programming"founded by Baumanka graduates. In general, a more convenient site and buns in the form of free introductory lessons. Pretty quickly (but always intuitively) you can understand that in March, for example, there will be courses in Ruby, Objective-C, PHP, Swift, and JavaScript.

    The Leader has courses “PHP + HTML + CSS”, C and Java for Muscovites and Petersburgers. Start as groups are recruited, therefore, a plus in the choice of dates and time (morning, day, evening) classes that new groups decide between themselves and with the teacher.

    Who wants to run programming schools

    After the first digest, guys from the RBI wrote to us what they think in this direction. Then the residents from Artofad approached - they are almost all coders, almost all recent graduates there, complaining that universities do not teach a systematic approach to solving design problems. We also periodically think aside - because, ideally, cool practitioners also need strong organizers.

    So your opinions about what is currently lacking and what is relevant to master - they will not be superfluous and important.

    What did we miss

    In St. Petersburg, for example, a wave of applications for a free school of iOS development of e-Legion has just passed - they were accepted until March 2.

    Therefore: we will be grateful to the community if in the comments it shares events that are worth paying attention in the near future.

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