We invite you to Moscow.pm on March 5

    March 5, we invite everyone to the next meeting of Perl Mongers. For eight years now, Perl programmers have been gathering for such meetings, who exchange experience with all like-minded people. The program of the upcoming event is exclusively devoted to Perl 6. It is so different from previous versions that it is already considered as an independent programming language. Moreover, many experts believe that Perl 6 will be a real milestone in the development of programming. The history of its development began in 2000, when Larry Wall began work on specifications. Despite the fact that Perl 6 has not yet been officially released, everyone can already find compatible compilers and virtual machines on the network. Under the cut you will find descriptions of reports and materials from the last meeting.

    Two speakers will address the meeting. Each of them will consider Perl 6 from its point of view. These reports can be recommended not only to Perl programmers, but also to developers in Python, Go, Ruby and other languages, since Perl 6 contains the best paradigms of modern software development.

    Andrey Shitov , organizer of Perl conferences. The topic of the report is “Perl 6 2.0”.

    I followed Perl 6 from almost the beginning. After a few years, interest faded, but in February of this year, Larry Wall announced that Perl 6 would finally be officially ready by the end of 2015. When I refreshed my knowledge, the current state of the version was a discovery for me! In the report, I will talk about what you can already use in Perl 6, and how to prepare yourself for a new language, even if you abandoned programming.

    Alexey KapranovYandex. The topic of the report is “Perl 6 today: 8 years later.”

    Remember the pugs? In 2007, at the first Russian Perl conference, I talked about the current state of Perl 6. Then it seemed that everything would be ready soon, and there was very little time left to wait. Thanks to Larry’s performance at FOSDEM a month ago, we got that feeling again. I will talk about what Perl 6 can do today compared to 2007.

    The meeting begins at 19.30.
    Mail.Ru Group office address: Leningradsky Prospekt 39, Building 79 (metro Airport).
    Remember to register and be sure to bring your passport or driver’s license with you.

    Materials of the last meeting:

    Natalia Savenkova, former CTO of the SHOP2YOU.RU project, Working with .xls, .xlsx and .rtf documents .

    Ivan Sokolov, teamlead REG.RU, FastQueue - how we did our turn on Perl and Redis .

    Elena Shishkina, lead programmer of the Money.Ru Money project, Plasticine code: how to stop coding and start living .

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