Feedback from the PVS-Studio team about the C ++ Russia conference, 2015

    Two and a half hours on the train is a great time to write thanks to the conference organizer Sergey Platonov (@sermp) and his team for finally having a conference on C ++ in Russia! Sergey's merits are truly impressive, given that he did not have the budgets of Microsoft and Intel. However, it turned out that the main thing is not the budget, but desire and enthusiasm. Therefore, the speakers gathered by Sergey were above all praise; foreign guests were extremely sociable and kind. And at the stands of JetBrains, IncrediBuild, Kaspersky and PVS-Studio gathered not talking heads, but professionals, with whom it was interesting to communicate both to guests and neighbors at the stand. Our personal impressions are under the cut.

    So, the conference was held on February 27-28, 2015 at the Izmailovo-Alpha hotel. We (Evgeny Ryzhkov EvgeniyRyzhkovand Andrey Karpov andrey2008 ) decided to additionally raise the mood of the conference participants by distributing small chocolates in the morning.

    By the way, if you saw that someone was walking not with one or two chocolates, but with a whole bunch, then you should know. These are our customers of PVS-Studio, so they were entitled to additional bonuses :-).

    But before that, of course, everyone had to collect their stands first.

    The person in the photo says: “Where is the way out?” PVS-Studio! ”

    Our stand was the simplest, so we gathered it faster than anyone and began to help our neighbors.

    We help build a JetBrains booth.

    Seeing this, one of the conference participants recalled a joke (“I don’t know who is in the car, but Putin works for them as a carrier”).

    At this time, Andrey began to make all kinds of inscriptions on the tables from the remaining chocolates.

    Hurry to collect the word before you make out the chocolates

    True, these inscriptions quickly changed. “C ++ 11” turned into “C ++” and then into “C”. Some hooligans once generally fixed it on “1C”, but the error was quickly fixed.

    The most daring were photographed in a unicorn mask.

    By the way, when I was leaving for the conference, my wife instructed me: “Don’t look at the girls there!” To which I was skeptical that this is a conference about C ++. How wrong I was! There were a lot of beautiful and smart girls at the conference! Which also added advantages to the event. I took little pictures of the girls, but I hope you see their photos too.

    Now about the reports. The program of the event is available on the site, the video will also be soon. Guys, just don’t rush the organizers with the video. First, they need to rest. Secondly, the video must be processed. It takes time. Soon everything will be. No need to write: “Faster, faster!”. The reports everything I could visit were cool. This happens very rarely, apparently the narrow focus of the conference made it possible.

    Andrey's report “Price of error” was on Saturday at 10 am (the very first). When we approached the hall, we saw a queue of several hundred people !!! Five minutes later, the woman’s voice: “Who passes IELTS - we stand in line” took us out of a stupor, and we went to our room. However, by the beginning of the story, many guys had gathered in our room. I won’t praise Andrei, because he’ll be arrogant. But judging by the questions at the end and the conversations in the lobby, people were interested. Watch the video, you say it yourself.

    What is my personal impression of communicating with people? Finally, people already know what static analyzers are. Many have tried, someone is starting to implement. In general, this suggests that already in the development system, this concept is beginning to enter. Yes, there is often misunderstanding among management and a lack of a budget for tools like ours. Guys, convince bosses that tools are needed for programmers. Persuade not for us - we will earn our money in Europe and the USA. Convince yourself, because the introduction of tools in the development process (I'm not even talking about PVS-Studio) - this primarily increases your personal level of professionalism. Believe me, bosses are not fools. They just need to help make the right decision, convince, show the benefits of implementation. And then they will willingly find budgets, and you can write in your resume,

    What are my comments on the conference? There were no global problems or shortcomings. Sergey is a great organizer!

    The public approves of Sergey!

    And small wishes for improvement (you can always do better) will be sent to your personal mail. Sergey, thanks for your work!

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