Moscow City Department of Information Technology Habrahabr Blog

    Hello, Habr! Here, finally, we, as part of a large and not the most agile mechanism, have reached the point of starting our own blog here.

    In general, we thought about this for a long time and looked closely at your discussions, but the decisive event was the publication about “unauthorized” access to thousands of Moscow cameras, we realized that it’s better not to delay this and get into the dialogue. We can argue about the legitimacy of the method of obtaining information from cameras, however, as we already wrote , the opening of access to cameras was in our plans.

    Once talking, it’s hard to stop. Moreover, from the heated discussion, we realized that the residents of Habrahabr are not indifferent to the life of the city, and that we, as the IT department, can and should interact with people who themselves are closely connected with IT and are ready to help make our services better, at least to the extent that the city was not ashamed, and ideally - that there was something to be proud of and something to brag about to foreign friends.

    Therefore, in the very near future we will launch a special project with Habrahabr, on which it will be possible to test, or maybe try to break, access to 130 thousand city cameras through our new service (it has not yet been launched). In the meantime, you can leave your mail here to receive an invitation among the first. There are very few invites.

    To make this blog interesting, we really need feedback from you - what topics are you interested in discussing with us and what services or technologies you want to know more about, we will try to respond promptly and respond to constructive criticism.

    Thank you for your attention, we are waiting in the comments!

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