On Saturday, February 21, in the Moscow hackspace "Neuron" was held the Conference of users and lovers of cryptocurrencies "Coinfest-2015-Moscow".

    The event was held as part of the CoinFest World Conference, which took place these days at a dozen outdoor venues in St. Petersburg, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Denver, Buenos Aires, Rome and Indian Hyderabad.

    CoinFest, by definition, is an open, strictly nonprofit conference that anyone can join.

    The conference was aimed at educating the public, extremely poorly yet aware of cryptocurrencies as obvious financial instruments of the future.

    In total, the conference was attended by representatives of various fields of activity, partner organizations, various universities and specializations, as well as those who were interested in learning about cryptocurrency. Within one day, the speakers and participants of the conference revealed the technology of working with cryptocurrency and evaluated the prospects for its use in the economy, determined the development vector.

    As part of the event, participants not only received interesting information about how to use cryptocurrencies, but also learned directly about the unique opportunities that they open.


    The conference program discussed in detail the advantages of cryptocurrency, like digital money, over existing monetary instruments, in particular:

    • 100% security against falsification, which no attacker can overcome
    • lack of a single emission center, printing press, central bank, because each cryptocurrency is its own Central Bank
    • independence of payments and settlements in cryptocurrency from economic crises, political restrictions - not a single state can prohibit, limit, or establish any rules for your calculations
    • denominations and purchasing power of cryptocurrencies are not tied to either the dollar, the euro, any currency, precious metal, or any cost of a barrel

    This conference in Moscow was organized by
    Yaroslav Loginov -
    Arseniy Strizhenkom -
    Denis Rysev -
    Kirill Grebnev -
    at the address: metro China- city ​​”, Khokhlovsky per., 7/9 k2, in the Neuron coworking , whom we want to thank for the provided site.


    We also thank for the support of our partners . In particular, the Cryptocurrency Development Fund in Russia

    According to the participants of the CoinFest-2015-Moscow Moscow conference, the widespread use of cryptocurrencies will be a decisive step towards decentralization of global financial and economic processes.

    Without a doubt, the conference was held as another serious step towards the development of new, modern technologies of financial settlements.

    And, although for the vast majority of the population and Russian entrepreneurs, the use of cryptocurrencies in payments is an exotic rarity practically not used by them, it’s worth remembering that some 10-13 years ago, the webmoney and Yandex money e-wallets that were usual for us today were the same curiosity , and five years ago cryptocurrencies did not exist at all.

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    Report on CoinFest in St. Petersburg

    Press release author: Strizhenok Arseniy

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