Registration for the fifth annual sports programming championship Russian Code Cup has begun

    On March 5, registration is open for participation in the main Russian championship in sports programming - the Russian Code Cup (RCC). The winners of the championship will win the title of the best programmers of the year and will share a prize fund of 750 000 rubles. The RCC annually brings together several thousand Russian-speaking participants from around the world. They fight for the title of not only the most talented, but also the fastest programmer, since the solution of the original and complex tasks of the championship is evaluated immediately according to two criteria: quality and speed. This championship gives young programmers a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills, gain recognition from the professional community and attract the attention of large IT companies.

    This year, the RCC begins with a “warm-up” round, which starts March 15 at 13:00. The results of this stage are not taken into account in the following rounds; It is held so that participants can stretch their legs and evaluate their strength before the main rounds of the championship. The main program of the championship traditionally consists of three stages: qualification rounds, qualifying round and final. At each stage, participants must solve from four to eight diverse tasks. The tasks and the technical part of the competition are provided by Mail.Ru Group experts and experts from NRU ITMO.

    During the first two stages of the competition, they are held online on the Russian Code Cup website. Three qualifying rounds will start on March 28, April 25 and May 31. Those who are unlucky in the first qualifying round can try their luck in subsequent ones. The qualifying round, scheduled for June 14, will include the 200 best participants from each qualifying round. And 50 programmers who showed the best results during the selection will measure their strength in the final. With each stage, the complexity of the tasks will increase, and in the final the most difficult of them will be proposed. The final round will take place on September 19th.

    The winner, who demonstrated the highest results in terms of speed and quality of solving problems during the championship, will receive a cash prize of 300 thousand rubles; owners of second and third places - 150 thousand and 90 thousand rubles, respectively. The programmers, who took from fourth to tenth places, will get 30 thousand rubles each. In addition, all 50 finalists will receive T-shirts with the symbols of the championship, and 600 participants who qualified for the qualifying round will receive online certificates confirming their qualifications.

    It will be possible to register for participation in RCC on our new site , which we recently launched. Here, from now on, information will be provided on other annual IT competitions held by us:

    Now the participants will have a single account for all championships. In whatever competition of Mail.Ru Group you participate, you need to register only once. You can use your username and password to enter the website of any of our championships. And also we decided to rebrand the logos and graphic design of all the Championships of Mail.Ru Group. A pentagonal diagram is taken as a basis, each vertex of which symbolizes a strategy, visualization, product, fan, algorithm. Each form in the logo designates one of the championships. For example, the green pentagon is the Russian Design Cup. In the indicated coordinate system, he tends more to visibility, to a lesser extent to the fan and the product. Yellow - Russian Code Cup, most of all it gravitates to algorithms, strategy and fan.

    In the meantime, the siteRussian Code Cup you can see examples of tasks and learn detailed rules for conducting RCC. By the way, a special VKontakte group is available for championship participants and interested people , where they can find information on creating artificial intelligence, web design, sports programming, interface development, marketing and creating IT projects. The materials of the group include the opinions of industry experts, useful literature, master classes, instructional videos, the best thematic conferences, as well as all the most interesting events in the IT sphere. Subscribers of the group will be the first to know all the important news about Mail.Ru Group competitions and other Russian and international IT championships.

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