Alice will pay more than a million rubles by the end of the year. New competition and Yandex recommendations for developers skills

    Today Alice is one year old. Over the past months, she has learned many new skills, most of which were created by third-party developers using the Dialogs platform. More than 28 thousand skills have already been published and are available to all Alice users.

    In honor of the first birthday, we are launching the Alice Prize . Every month we will choose the top 5 skills from independent developers and pay them cash rewards. If you are already developing your skills or are just planning to start, then we invite you under the cat - there you will see the recommendations of our team.

    The voice interface is relatively new and the environment is not very clear to most developers. When creating skills, it is very important to consider the characteristics of this environment. First of all, at the scenario level.

    Remember: skill is dialogue . Imagine how a user dialogue with skill is built. And then think about where it can branch and what can go wrong.

    Start by explaining . What does your skill do? The user must understand this as soon as he is in it.

    Do not overload replicas with information . Too many details in one replica - and the user starts to get confused. For mixed interfaces, you can use buttons and images. But remember that there are voice only interfaces.

    Constantly suggest . Dead-end replicas are bad. Always try to lead the user to some kind of continuation of the dialogue.

    Add variation. If some type of answer is used in your skill often, try writing a few options. The more varied the replicas of the same type, the stronger the feeling of a real conversation.

    Dmitry Golubovsky, the chief editor of Yandex’s special projects, will tell you more about the peculiarities of creating dialogue interfaces in his report. Dmitry designed the scenarios for most of Alice’s “internal” skills — games and entertainment skills — and also advised the developers of some of the external skills. Based on this experience, he talks about how to build the plot correctly - it depends on him whether your skill will shoot or not.

    It is equally important to understand what development skills are required by specialists to train Alice, how she works and what technological future we are preparing for her. These questions are answered by Evgeny Volkov, the technical representative of the Dialogues platform.

    After theory, practice always follows. Platform developer Roman Paradeev will show how to create the simplest skill in twenty minutes.

    Any independent developer of skills for Alice can take part in the competition.
    Learn more at the Alice Prize website .

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