Payment to Yandex.Money account using VISA / MasterCard or how to block an arbitrary wallet

    Almost a year ago, I launched on my website the acceptance of payments to Yandex.Money account from VISA / MasterCard bank cards. No problem , but, in the end, it worked.

    Recently, around February 9, transfers made by the card suddenly stopped coming to one of the Yandex.Money wallets. At the same time, transfers made by Yandex.Money continued to arrive regularly.

    What is the reason, who is to blame, and how can (try) block any Yandex.Money account to receive funds through VISA / MasterCard - let's try to figure out the cat

    What the error looks like

    There is a “form-acceptor" on the site, as Yandex calls it, with the option to choose whether to pay with Yandex.Money or pay with a VISA / MasterCard. When paying with Yandex.Money, the payment is successful. When paying with a card, the procedure looks like this:
    On the Yandex.Money service, on a page that complies with the international PCI DSS standard, we are asked to fill in the card data, enter the number, name, expiration date and CVV code.
    Filling in card data

    After filling in all the fields, we are redirected to the bank website, where you need to enter the code received by SMS
    Confirmation of payment on the card acquirer's website

    Almost instantly, an SMS comes from the bank to write off funds . But Yandex at this moment produces such a picture:

    We understand the reasons

    At first, this is of course scary. The money was debited, but here is some kind of mistake. Yes, they also ask for a re-payment.
    But after a while, the bank receives an SMS about the cancellation of the operation. Already better, but overall the problem remains.
    I try to pay again, as they offer. The result is the same.
    I'm trying to pay with a card from another bank. The result is the same.
    I get another account in Yandex.Money, I correct the "form-acceptor" so that the money goes there. And voila - the payment from the card comes.
    So the problem is in the account.
    Checking limits - not exceeded. Yes, and Yandex.Money payment comes, then everything is in order with the limits (there are no limits for replenishing the wallet from payment cards on the Yandex.Money website;

    What technical support will tell us

    If all else fails, we will write Yandex.Money to tech support. I describe the problem, send an application from the site, right by the link on the page “Oh! Something went wrong".
    After a couple of days, technical support answers the question: "Is the problem still relevant?"
    I answer that it is relevant.
    They propose to generate the code of the "form-acceptor" again and try. Of course I did it, and more than once, but oh well, I will do it again. I create a form, insert it on an empty html page on the site, try to pay. The problem persists, which I report to tech support.
    And then the answer comes:
    TP Yandex: Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to accept transfers from bank cards to wallet 4100xxxxxxxxxxx through the form posted on your website. This is due to the rules of international payment systems prohibiting the acceptance of funds from cards on sites of a certain subject. But you can still replenish your wallet with a bank card without using a special form or accept transfers from electronic wallets.

    What a twist! I wonder what is wrong with the theme of the site? Let's try to find out.
    Me: Can I accept transfers from bank cards to the wallet 4100xxxxxxxxxxx on other sites?

    And is it possible in more detail about the subject of sites? Where can I see a list of topics for which funds are prohibited by the rules of international payment systems ? I would like to get acquainted so that I no longer fall under sanctions retroactively.

    TP Yandex: Unfortunately, the acceptance of funds from cards on account 4100xxxxxxxxxxx is closed. This information can be provided to you by MasterCard and Visa support staff.

    Sites of a certain subject

    In general, it was not possible to find out what kind of "sites of a certain topic" these were from technical support of Yandex. There are no ideas on how to contact the MasterCard and Visa support staff yet. In my opinion, the question “Why can't I replenish my Yandex.Money account through the Yandex.Money form on the Yandex.Money website using the MasterCard issued by Sberbank that owns Yandex.Money?” will look a little silly.

    There is a suspicion that my Yandex.Money account “lit up” on the test page of the still not launched project of the catalog with films (film descriptions + magnet links to files in the DC hub of the local LAN), without design and other, but “luminous” in the Internet. It is possible that the western copyright holders decided that the site is hosting pirated content and did some work to block the account.
    What does a non-running project with a movie catalog look like
    Wrapper for

    In favor of the fact that the problem is in this movie catalog, it says that other Yandex.Money accounts to which you could send funds from the main site are not blocked, but only the one that “appeared” in the movie catalog is blocked. (Several accounts were made, since there were several participants in the main project, and the funds received were distributed approximately evenly between the participants. And only one account was blocked)
    Against this, it is clear that, as seen in the screenshot, the receiving form on the abandoned project is old, without the possibility send money through bank cards. But who is looking at it?

    Block someone else's wallet

    In this regard, an interesting opportunity arises: place the receiving form with the account number of the objectionable person on a “website of a certain subject” controlled by you - and after some time card payments to his account will be blocked unilaterally without giving any reason. The address of the “site with a certain topic” that caused the blocking will not be reported to the account owner (in any case, I couldn’t find out)
    It is possible that my account was blocked in this way.

    Is there a problem in the international payment system?

    Despite the statements by Yandex.Money technical support that “the receipt of funds from cards on account 4100xxxxxxxxxxx is closed,” in reality, you can replenish the account from the card. There is a form on the Yandex.Money website through which I replenished my account with a bank card. True, the commission in my case amounted to 4900% (Four thousand nine hundred percent, replenished by 1p, debited 50r. Which, however, was warned in advance)
    Still, you can recharge, just more expensive


    The difference is visible in the purpose of the payment. The “transfer from the card” does not work, but the “top-up from the card” works. For me, as a layman, this is one and the same. Yandex.Money transfer from a linked card has not been tested, regular Yandex.Money transfer works.

    Most of all in this situation, sending to VISA / MasterCard support is annoying, despite the fact that the account is blocked in Yandex.Money.

    In the rules of international payment systems ( VISA rules and MasterCard rules ), nothing was found about “sites with a specific subject”. True, the documents are quite voluminous, I ran through them only superficially and could miss something.

    The PS site, which hosted the host form, was engaged in fundraising for the local local network for the purchase of equipment (server, cables, switches) and material support for the administrators of this network, as well as for various contests with material prizes between network users (gifts souvenirs, going to the cinema, etc.). The form was accepted only for users of the local network, from their "gray" IP addresses. It is unlikely, in my opinion, that this site could fall into the “list of sites with a specific topic” (whatever this is meant). Although for me the topic has remained "uncertain".

    To be continued. Reply from Yandex TP

    After the publication of the article on Habré (it’s a pity that only after this, it didn’t work out through direct channels as always) I received an exhaustive answer about the reason for blocking payments to the account via the Ministry of Railways. Indeed, it was a page with a catalog of films, which, according to Yandex's internal audit, “contains links to copyrighted content”. Whether a magnet link is a link to content in the literal sense of the word is an open question, opinions on this subject can be very different, and this is a topic for another discussion.
    More upsetting something else: it turns out that it is really possible to place the receiving form with someone else's account on the site of the "wrong" orientation, thereby having the opportunity to block the recipient's account on other (on all) sites. You could at least check the referer, it seems to me that it is technically possible.

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