DotNext conference returns to Moscow with renewed vigor and updated name

    This is an announcement for all .NET programmers who are interested in what is happening with their platform.

    December 11, Moscow will host the .NET conference DotNext. The most important .NET conference in Russian. And the biggest konf for donors in Russia. Well, in general, it’s kind of like the biggest .NET-conf in Europe: yes, there are conferences much larger, but in such a way, so that it is up to date - perhaps we are the largest, yes. Last year, 400 participants gathered in Moscow (together with speakers and organizers - 450) and about the same number watched the conference online. This year the conference will be even larger - we want to bring together 500-600 people at the site. TTDTX! (Only technical reports, only hardcore!)

    Traditionally, DotNext will focus on the insides of the platform itself. Just look at the first published reports: Karlen szKarlen Simonyan will talk about atomic operations and the Memory Model, and Andrei DreamWalker Akinshin will give a report on microoptimizations.

    Not without applied (and sometimes funny) reports. For example, Dmitry mezastel Nesteruk from JetBrains will talk about how to write your bot on a subset.

    In general, there will be about 25 reports, each lasting 50-60 minutes. If you want to try yourself as a speaker - submit an application !

    We and our partners

    In general, this will be the fourth DotNext conference. Our main partner and co-organizer is traditionally JetBrains. They are usually interested in two things on DotNext:

    • talk with you about your experience using their products (ReSharper, dotTrace, dotMemory, etc.)
    • find interesting developers in their offices - St. Petersburg and Moscow

    Before the conference, their stand usually looks empty and tidy - look what kind of cats:

    And that's what it turns into breaks, especially when it comes to a break, which immediately after the report of Dima Ivanov, the one who is ReSharper Performance Lead. It’s not possible to make out a stand there because of the crowd:

    In addition to JetBrains, our traditional partner is the Finnish company Futurice, which is looking for developers in Russia. I published a large interview with its business director Mikhail Samarin about a year ago.

    Partners of the conference were domestic developers of tools - companies DevExpress and Fast Reports. In addition to the stands, they pleased us with good technical reports, for which they have a separate respect.

    Well, Microsoft. Where are we without Microsoft. Romuald Zdebsky traditionally makes chic reviews of new products, and Dmitry Soshnikov shows that F # is more alive than anyone else and delights people with unexpected demos - then he has robots, then he studies “the kindness of twitter” online ... But you look at some of their pictures and you get the feeling that they are fun and with a smile trying to capture the world!

    These and other experts will speak to you at DotNext 2015 Moscow. For example, we really hope to see top hub and blog hubs for .NET and C # among speakers and participants in our conference. A year ago there were many: besides the ones listed above - sidristij , timyrik20 , kekekeks , SychevIgor , VioletTape and others.

    And of course it’s worth saying that Dino Esposito came to us. Twice. Call for the third time.

    In general, we are now working to ensure that this time there are more foreign speakers. You better understand what is happening in the rest of the world.


    All the year and a half that the conference has existed, we struggled with the fact that its name was distorted. Either the conference was called “nekst point”, then it was simply “nekst”, although correctly, “DotNext”. Tired of fighting this, we did a little rebranding. Now it will be difficult to make a mistake :)


    DotNext in Moscow will be and will be richer than the previous one. It will be held on December 11th. Registration and acceptance of applications for reports is open. There will be about 25 reports in total, the exact number is not yet known. It is known that there will be 3 or 4 parallel tracks.

    Traditional links at the end:

    If you have not registered on DotNext yet, then it's time to do it!

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