The magazine "In the Cloud. Russian Federation" is looking for talented authors who are well guided in the clouds

    At the end of 2014, the publishing house “Media Gruz” launched a new project with a talking title - “ In the Cloud . Russian Federation ”.

    After the release of the first issue of the magazine “In the Cloud. Russian Federation”, we received a lot of reader feedback. Let's say right away: most of them are negative, and one cannot disagree with them. The first cloud came out lumpy, but I would really like it to be a lump named after Thomas Edison, who claimed that a negative result is also a result. We are not going to follow the example of a patient American who achieved success after thousands of failed experiments. We have taken into account all constructive criticism and will soon be ready to bring to your attention the new issue of our magazine “In the Cloud. Russian Federation”, which will become your navigator in the cloud.

    "In Cloud.RF" is intended for a wide audience, because today the situation is as follows: almost everyone uses the clouds, but not everyone does it meaningfully.

    In the process of rethinking the concept of the magazine, it became apparent: the popularization of the topic of cloud computing implies the opportunity to speak on the pages of the magazine not only to experts and specialists, manufacturers and suppliers of cloud services, but also to active consumers of cloud products.

    In this regard, we are looking for talented authors experienced in the cloud, and we are announcing a competition for the best material about the clouds.

    The competition is held in two categories:

    1. Best Cloud Publicist

    You have something to say about:
    • cloud building technologies,
    • economic aspects of cloud use,
    • security (or danger?) work in the cloud,
    • legal nuances of buying and using cloud services,
    • the latest industry trends, new products, achievements, problems and solutions, or any other cloud phenomenon.

    At the same time, you present information in an accessible and fascinating way, which means that you have every chance to win the title of "Best Cloud Publicist."

    2. The best cloud futurist

    Can't you live without cloud technology? Do you have a rich imagination? Can you predict (or know exactly?) How cloud technologies will be used in the foreseeable or distant future? Then you will definitely become the winner in the nomination "Best Cloud Futurist".
    To participate in the competition in this category are accepted works not only by gifted masters of the artistic word, but also by talented artists.

    We are waiting for your materials by e-mail

    After the editorial board determines the best works in each nomination, the copyright materials will be published in the journal and the winners will receive a prize - a free annual subscription to the electronic journal “In the Cloud. RF ”and, of course, recognition and gratitude to the readership.

    See you soon "In the Cloud!"

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