Without cuts. The second month of CloverR cashback service in Russia

    Many people liked the openness format in which we wrote the last report on the first month of the cashback series CloverR, so we continue to share the victories and failures of the second month in Russia.

    1. Attendance
    Attendance was similar to last month's attendance. We received 13 625 unique visitors, 17878 visits, which amounted to a 96% increase in the total mass of visitors. But if last month the main traffic was associated with publications in the media, announcements on the radio and television stories, then there were almost no publications in the media, so the traffic was more organic. In absolute terms, over 2 months we received 27,252 unique visitors or 35,881 visits and 120,790 views. Here is the dynamics of monthly traffic growth:

    2. Registration

    For 2 months we have grown to 1698 registered users, including 460 referrals. Monthly user growth was 104%. In fact, the growth was greater, because we cleaned the database from inactive users, which gathered about 300 users, but more on that later. Now all the listed users are activated. The average number of new users per day is 27-28.

    The number of referrals increased by 173%. This is one of the best organic forms of traffic for us, which we will continue to stimulate.

    3. Purchases

    From 128 purchases, we grew to 399, which was an increase of 212%. 42% make repeat purchases.

    4. Turnover

    The turnover for 2 months amounted to 1.12 million rubles, which equals the growth of 125% over the past month. The number of purchases per day increased from 4 to 9.

    5. Channels of attraction for the
    media and journalists
    There were almost none, because the news of the launch gradually subsided, and there were no major news events for the month.

    We included additional blogs to existing ones, which provided us with additional traffic and registrations. By the way, HabraHabr, which provided the overwhelming majority of registrations to us last month, lost ground this month due to its reform of resource sharing. Therefore, I had to draw traffic from other places.

    -Contextual advertising
    We calibrated contextual traffic over the past month, and we already spent a lot less money on it for the same number of registrations.

    -Social networks
    Publications go there regularly and bring their share of registrations. We grow in every social network: Facebook grew from 657 to 1537 or by 134%, VK fell from 2674 to 1888, due to the fact that many users came to the action that we conducted last month and after the announcement of the winner, the outflow began, leaving only loyal visitors. However, the new activity is already showing audience growth to 3,034 on February 13th. There are also Google+, Twitter and Classmates, but we’ll show statistics for them next time.

    We also do not yet find our hands on SEO, but after the last publication there were interesting offers to work in this direction, so we’ll get busy in the future, given that this is one of the most interesting channels for our project. So far, organically, the number of pages in the index is getting larger and the amount of traffic from this channel has doubled.

    -Referal traffic
    As they wrote above, this channel increased by 173%. This means that more and more people recommend our service to their friends, place our button on their website, blog, forum, attracting their referrals and earning 10% of their cashback.

    -Email mailing The
    percentage of opening letters is 27%, which seems to be higher than the industry average.

    Here is another video that allows you to get acquainted with our service in a cartoon format.

    Discounts on stores motivating to buy more. Held two promotions: Cyber ​​Monday and Valentine's Day. Promotions include the placement of stores with a double and even a triple cashback in honor of the holidays. Special coupons and big discounts. A very good tool that we will continue to use to attract an audience. By the way, one of these days our analytical article will be published about the effect of cashback services on customer loyalty and on the increase in the average purchase check due to cashback services.

    6. Analytics
    We began to engage in deeper analytics. We already know how many registrations come from and where, and now we want to understand from which channel and how much they are buying, customer’s life, etc.

    7. Fails of the month
    -Mail.ru considered us a spammer
    In the middle of the month, due to the growth in the number of activation letters, mail.ru suddenly considered us a spam service. Because of this, several hundred of our new users did not receive an activation letter. As a result, we simultaneously began to communicate with mail.ru and look for an alternative solution. In a few hours, they switched to Mandrill , which avoids such situations. As a result, after a couple of days mail.ru ceased to consider us spam, but we did not return to the previous mailing mode, replacing all other Mandrill mailing mechanisms.

    Non-payment of partners
    Some partners in connection with the crisis delay payments intended for cashback. This problem is not with Western stores, but among Russian ones, which leads to a situation where a federal holding delays, for example, payment of 7 rubles. We will communicate directly with partners and resolve these issues. Or maybe we’ll even mention defaulters in one of the following reports.

    -For 6 days broke registration
    At some point in time, we accidentally broke a registration that was tied to utm tags for leads from contextual advertising. We noticed this only after 6 days, which made us very upset, but made us take the tests more seriously. We initially used Jenkins on the development server, but now we are adding an additional architecture to more closely monitor the tests. About the technical side, we’ll somehow tell you next time.

    -Generation of fictitious users
    Of course, the growing counters in the personal account motivate many to invite their friends, and others to generate fictitious email addresses. Fortunately, we immediately stop such registrations and threaten such a user with a finger.

    -Removed nearly 350 users
    Due to fictitious users, because of unconfirmed accounts due to mail.ru and because of our jamb with activation, we had to delete about 350 inactive users. Because of this, some users who collected a large number of referrals were offended by us, but we sent out proposals for re-registration to all remote users and returned to them those who were again registered. To activate your account now there are 2 days, after which the user is deleted.

    -Habr opened the project MegaMozg
    This is a big fail that closed us one of the largest channels. Here is described in more detail about what happened. In short, the channel for the dissemination of analytical, business and startup information has decreased by about 100 times.

    8. Victory of the month
    - Competitors are starting to follow us.
    Rumors have come that big players are starting to closely monitor our development. This is great because competition helps to improve the market and provide greater opportunities for customers. We are not afraid to compete, because there are an infinite number of development options, and we are ready to help market growth by applying all the innovations that we see in Silicon Valley by virtue of finding our headquarters there. The Russian market is hundreds of times inferior to the American and many things are just beginning to work here, which have been working there for decades.

    -Many referral traffic
    Once again an increase of 173%.

    -added authorization vk.
    Only this month his hands reached him.

    As they wrote above: they launched, and they work well.

    Investors began to appear, including the tops of well-known companies, as well as venture capital funds. We specifically created the project without external investment, in order to firstly see how the market will respond to it and collect statistics, and secondly, not to give a large share for little money. Now for some time we will collect statistics, consider conversion, optimize the current channels of attraction and create new ones. There was and still is the thought that perhaps it will turn out to develop the project for the money earned, but then it may not turn out to run fast enough and develop a sufficient number of directions that we see. At this stage, we proved the viability of the business model in the Russian market, because in the American we served as evidence for ebates.com, which last year was sold for $ 1 billion. Japanese company Rakuten. So this is exactly the goal where we are moving, creating an international cashback service, and this is where investors who find this interesting can go with us. Offers can already be sent now info@clovrr.com.

    Thank you and see you soon!

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