[Moscow, 02/19/2015] Dmitry Lenev - Lock managers in MySQL


    We have great luck! We managed to negotiate with Dmitry Lenev , a unique specialist, a MySQL Server developer with 11 years of experience, about speaking at CodeFreeze. Muscovites, be sure to come!

    So, on Thursday, February 19, at 20:00 in the Moscow office of Mail.Ru CodeFreeze will meet with Dmitry Lenev, the developer of MySQL Server at Oracle. The report will be devoted to an overview of data lock managers in MySQL (including locks on metadata, tables, and InnoDB locks). The purpose of each species and the architecture of these managers will be discussed.

    Special attention will be paid to what historical prerequisites and reasons led to the emergence of three separate subsystems and the choice of different approaches for solving seemingly similar problems. Various approaches to dealing with deadlocks (Deadlock Avoidance vs Deadlock Detection) and the use of lock-free techniques in the implementation of the lock manager will be examined.

    The listener is not required to become familiar with the internal structure of MySQL Server, but an introduction to the basic features and experience of using it are welcome. It's also great to have an understanding of concurrent programming.

    Participation is free, prior registration is required. HERE to register .

    Video Bonus
    Well, for those who do not know how to spend a Friday night or what it is useful to do on the weekend - here is a lecture of Dmitry two years ago. It, unlike the one announced above, is not very technical, but it reveals a lot of unique insiders about the development of MySQL.

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