VkPlaylistServer - add music from VKontakte to almost any audio player

    After reading this topic , the idea came up to do the same, but in the form of a Standalone application. The result is a small multi-threaded HTTP server.

    The server runs on the user's machine and accepts requests of the form

    • SearchQuery - search query to VKontakte audio database
    • ResultQuantity - how many audio records you need to get
    • ResultOffset - shift of the result relative to the beginning (start not from the first result)

    And m3u returns a playlist with the found audio recordings, ready for listening.
    Thus, any player that supports playback of playlists from the network becomes able to search and play recordings from VKontakte.

    To communicate with VKontakte, the VK.Net library is used.

    In principle, there is nothing that would prevent you from building this server under Mono and making it cross-platform.

    Shit sources uploaded to GitHub
    Download binaries from GitHub

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