A digest of good educational programs for IT professionals and sympathizers: in Moscow and online


    The day before yesterday, for the sake of interest, we walked around the companies sitting next door - even the most stable ones think about reducing staffing levels and cut budgets for training employees.

    So pumping your skills, whether you are already familiar with the code or just thinking about it, now it seems that everyone’s personal affair. To make it easier to navigate, we have collected courses and useful events for beginners and continuing IT professionals and their surroundings. Daytime and evening, offline and online.

    Do not forget - the number of seats on the most attractive courses is usually limited and ends swiftly! And some just start very soon - hop on the outgoing train!

    What should I choose?

    Caution: the abundance of options below can cause temporary disorientation!

    To make it easier for a novice to understand, here are the infographics of the guys from Carlcheo, where the advantages and capabilities of each of the languages ​​popular today are clearly (and with humor) described. The rest - welcome next.

    UPD: full-size version

    Offline programs in Moscow

    Deutsche Bank Java School

    Duration: immediately termless employment at the Technology Center
    Cost: free
    Advantages: permanent work and high salary from day one, offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg The

    salary of Java developers is 30-40% higher than the market average, and at the Deutsche Bank Technology Center , where they develop modern banking products in Java, they can hire even without programming experience in this language.

    All the necessary knowledge will be provided at a monthly intensive in a Java school. There will be many lectures and seminars by leading bank IT-specialists plus in-depth practice with participation in the development of real projects.

    To get to the program, you need to have a complete technical education or be a last year student and be able to work with one of the object-oriented languages.

    Applications are accepted here . By the way, young specialists from the regions can also apply - the first round of selection will be held online.

    MOEX code from Moscow Exchange

    Duration: year
    Cost: free
    Advantages: pumping professional and personal skills, a scholarship of 30,000 rubles.

    Classes for students are conducted by employees of the Moscow Exchange, who work on the creation and support of complex trading platforms.

    You can take on the developer, you can go to analytics or testing. And at the same time undergo training in time management, stress management and other important soft-skills.

    Another nice component is an impressive scholarship of 30,000 rubles.

    To participate, you need to know Python, Ruby, Bash, Java, or C ++. And, it is important to be able to attend classes during working hours.

    The set is in full swing - February 13 deadlineso it’s better to hurry up.

    Moscow Coding School

    Duration: four days
    Cost: 19,999 rubles
    Advantages: training with digital skills, whatever that means

    Usually Moscow Coding School conducts short intensive courses for those who are familiar with the code only by hearsay: journalists, bloggers, designers, copywriters and other creative industry mates.

    The organizers call the teachers of the Digital Skillach course - popularly, these are leading developers from good Russian and Western startups.

    But even experienced programmers will be interested here: here you can learn the basics of Swift or Java-Script, if you have not touched them before, plus a professional company is going to be excellent.

    New JS and coding courses for children are being recruited.

    Yandex data analysis school

    Duration : two years
    Cost: free
    Advantages: the best university teachers in computer science, classes in the evenings, a chance to get an internship in Yandex.

    Yandex SHAD is a two-year evening course for students and graduates of engineering and mathematical specialties, where they train specialists in working with data and extracting information from the Internet - not necessarily for Yandex itself.

    Loading - 15–20 hours a week, and 12 of them go to classes with teachers of Russian and foreign universities.

    Find out more here .

    Technopark from Mail.ru Group and MSTU. Bauman

    Duration : two years
    Cost: free
    Advantages: classes in the evenings, a wide range of disciplines, a chance to take an internship at Mail.ru The

    technopark was launched so that senior students get real practical experience in developing and managing projects.

    Here you can choose several courses at once, and optionally - load yourself electives. For admission, you need to know C or C ++, but you can understand their basics and a special preparatory course.

    The admission algorithm and a wide selection of disciplines are available here . Keep in mind: they will be monitoring progress, and deducting progress.

    #Tceh Android Basic Programming Course

    Duration: 10 evenings
    Cost: 20 000 rubles (payment by installments is possible)
    Advantages: first application as a result, classes in the evenings, a small group, and perhaps the coolest teacher on the topic.

    The Android course for those who already program, but did not write for android, like the rest of the courses from #tceh, is based on the principle of Learning by doing. We make sure that a person does not just study the theory, but comes and does with his hands what he wants to master.

    Mikhail Varakin, an expert on Android and Unix technologies, is cool because he created the first Russian course on Android development, approved by Google. It will help to master all the key things that most often require the creator of android applications, and in parallel you will write your first application.

    To participate, you need a laptop with Android Studio installed, basic knowledge of Java, SQL, XML, or at least object-oriented programming. We are recording in February , starting in March.

    PS And we are also preparing a new JavaScript course for beginners, where it will be possible to create a full-fledged working JS code from scratch. Details soon, today we are going to a test lesson.


    In addition to development courses, in Moscow there are many events for beginners and experienced programmers. With interesting reports and useful communication after them. For instance:

    Microsoft Mobile Dev Meetup, Web Technology in Mobile Development

    When: February 17, 2015
    Where: Darling, I'll call you back bar
    About: there will be lectures on creating mobile applications, Azure Mobile Services, HTML 5 development, as well as an opportunity to tell participants about their project. You can sign up for a meeting here .

    February meeting Moscow Data Sceince

    When: February 27, 2015
    Where: Mail.ru Cinema
    About: a meeting for everyone who is not indifferent to Data Science, data analysis, data mining and visualization of structured and unstructured data. There will be reports and free communication. Details and entry on the link .

    But this is only the tip of the iceberg, such events can be several per week: to see more, you can subscribe to BizCo.vc or Moscow Startup Digest (they are conducted by our friends, so we recommend that you do so), sometimes drop by our site (we often invite mobile developers, Djangists and Java-scripters to themselves, and in general, any local community usually has a page somewhere on the network.

    Online programs

    But not everyone who is interested in starting to learn a language lives in Moscow or can attend offline courses. Just for you, we with our Seryozha flashbackflip (he is a fan of gamification) and his wife Yulia lesnikova selected projects that allow you to study ... in a game form online.

    This Code Combat (allows you to learn the basics of programming in general) and JavaRush (project, learning Java in a playful way). Get stuck!

    PS Thanks to the guys from Changellenge, Dima dmitrykabanov and our Anya ameli_na_meli for helping to bring all these features together.

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