CGDevs Moscow Meetup # 2

    Hello! On March 6, the second meeting of CGDevs Moscow Meetup will take place. The meeting will be held at the Higher School of Business Informatics, HSE. From 18:30 to 22:00, we will discuss game development, computer graphics, game engines, and more that relate to beauty and technology.

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    Event program

    Hyper Casual Games. Features of working with the style of
    Ergen Mishkin, Azur Games, 2D artist Hyper Casual projects

    Hyper Casual Games - one of the most popular areas in the development today. You will be immersed in styles and in the process of developing such graphics! Ergena Mishkina will talk about the advantages of styles, the rules and guidelines for the production of visual content. C examples.

    Mathematics in game play in a simple way
    Gregory Dyadichenko, CGDevs, Founder

    Mathematics is one of the most powerful tools for a developer, with its help you can do incredible things. However, many do not know what specific tasks it helps to solve. Gregory will tell and use the examples to use mathematics in the context of Unity development and will examine in detail several interesting problems with solutions.

    Exhibition of projects from MSI.

    You can show your game to other industry professionals. Apply for participation in the exhibition of projects. You can participate remotely - more information here .

    The company MSI became the technical partner CGDevs - the world's leading manufacturer of computer hardware for gamers and professionals. At the MSI eventorganizes an exhibition of projects on new models of high-powered laptops from the Gaming and Prestige series, including, demonstrating the recently launched laptop for creating content P65 Creator.

    Area for communication

    Looking for your indie project or team - a programmer / artist / game designer / 3d modeler. Where can this be done better than on a CG mit for a slice of pizza?

    A special zone will be organized in order to communicate, share experiences and learn something new about the industry!

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