DevExpress at Go # Moscow - ASP.NET Day

    On February 28, our company will take part in the next Go # Moscow conference - “ ASP.NET Day ”. This is the first conference of the series specialized in a specific technology (previously the events were devoted to .NET in general).

    All substantive aspects of the conference are focused on ASP.NET:
    • topics of reports range from cross-platform development on ASP.NET vNEXT to examples of using Dependency Injections / Inversion of Control and solutions in the architecture of web applications using Azure;
    • speakers have extensive experience in developing web applications, and some are Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director;
    • The audience will be about 200 people, one way or another connected with ASP.NET.

    So if you are an ASP.NET developer or are interested in .NET web development, join - the conference promises to be interesting! The organizers will make an effort to deliver the speakers to the opening and not to let them go until the very end of the conference so that you can ask them your questions.

    And now we will talk about our participation. Roman Reshetnikov, lead developer of the ASP.NET team, will be speaking from DevExpress. He will talk about our experience in developing complex client-server applications using TypeScript and ASP.NET.

    In his report, Roman will reveal the secrets of our new product - RichTextFormat web-editor ASPxRichEdit, Preview version of which our team recently released.

    We sought to ensure that the product provides high responsiveness to user actions and maximum performance in the bulk of use cases. Therefore, the client turned out to be "fat", in contrast to the "thin clients" of most business applications.

    The product includes two fully functional components: client and server word processors. Both components work independently of each other. The client part was created as an optimized version of the server component, rewritten from .NET to TypeScript.

    The client part is not inferior in complexity to the server. In addition, there are additional problems of synchronizing the state of models on the client and server and in-depth testing of client-server interaction.

    At the conference, you will learn how we developed this product, what problems we encountered and what testing methods we used.

    The format of the conference implies and provides the opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions with speakers and experts. Conference program and registration .

    See you at Go # Moscow - ASP.NET Day February 28th!

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