Yandex.Metro is following you

    Every few minutes, Yandex.Metro for Android sends such requests to Yandex servers.

    The request body indicates:

    • 3 different identifiers: clid, uuid and andoid_id;
    • List of mac addresses surrounding wi-fi access points and signal strength;
    • The identifier of the base station of the opsos indicating the signal strength.

    Yandex's service for collecting "statistics" starts in the background when the phone boots up and does not require the application to run to work. Data is sent even if the phone’s settings prohibit the location.

    In connection with the above, I would like to ask Yandex a couple of questions:

    • How is the constant collection of information about my location related to the operation of your metro map?
    • Why do you need round-the-clock information about my location?

    There are also a couple of suggestions:

    • Please add an option in the application settings, which makes it possible to refuse your spy services;
    • Use secure communication protocols so that the location information of millions of your users is not collected by anyone but you along the way to your servers.

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