Yandex killed the Subscription service

    Today, Yandex killed the Yandex.Subscribe service. Despite the fact that they proudly wrote about it during the closing of Google Reader, they say - we remain, now the service is dead and forcibly dragged everyone to Yandex.News.

    You can download the subscription archive that was there. But there are only rss feed addresses in the xml file.
    The worst thing is that they have lost all unread articles. For example, I kept some unread entries in the tape so that I could return to them later when there is time.

    The API, so far, is working, through it you can still save the unread. It seems to me that he will be killed too.

    Post warning. If someone writes some tool that pulls out a normal archive through the API, it would be very cool.

    A post on the Yandex.Mail Blog with the announcement.

    UPDATE: Since March 31, the API service has been closed.

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