Slightly speed up Yandex mobile browser for Android on WebKit

It was a big surprise for me that Yandex.Browser for Android supports a more detailed setting, namely, by setting flags. Rummaging around in the flags a bit, I achieved a visual acceleration of the browser. For many, this will not be some kind of discovery, but judging by my friends, very few people know about it.

To make sure that there is at least some sense in flag manipulation, hammer in browser: // gpu in the address bar and remember what happened.

In order to be in the flag box, drive browser: // flags into the address bar .

After that, I activated the following flags:

  • Reference browser server ( # enable-browserver-client );
  • Overriding the software rendering list ( # ignore-gpu-blacklist );
  • Enable hardware rasterization ( # enable-gpu-rasterization ) - force enable for all layers;
  • Drawing in a separate stream ( # impl-side-painting ) - enabled;
  • Number of bitmap threads ( # num-raster-threads ) - I set the same number of threads as cores, i.e. 4.

After that, restart the browser, go to browser: // gpu and look at the result.

PS: I tested only on Yandex.Browser, but it will probably work on other browsers using webkit. I did not do tests, but visually it became faster.

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