Behavioral factors in Yandex. The nuances of the filter that every webmaster should know about

In this article, you will learn how Yandex search engine fights against behavioral factors and what danger there is for honest webmasters to lose their positions for a long period. The article will be useful for both specialists and novice webmasters, for whom I tried to paint the most difficult moments.

As soon as the search engine introduces a significant ranking factor, SEO specialists immediately try to cheat it. PS is forced to run filters in order to somehow stabilize the output. Moreover, absolutely any organization in advance suggests that there will be a certain percentage of marriage. However, already in order to reduce costs in the PS, work is being done to automate interaction with representatives of sites and at a certain stage of inconsistency, or lack of perception of the problem, may completely refuse to interact with them. The refusal of interaction is primarily associated with a high percentage of complaints from SEO experts who were obviously guilty of sanctions, who seriously damaged the customer’s site and are unable to fix the problem, and on the other hand, bona fide site owners simply do not have the necessary skills, to find the cherished form and write to the mythical Plato Schukin. Thus, the support service refuses to interact on certain issues in order to save on payroll. Since the end of 2014, they included a branch of issues related to the promotion of behavioral factors.

It looks like this: if you still find the “Feedback” item in the webmaster panel, you get to a list of typical questions. Choosing any branch similar to your theme, you get, in the context of behavioral factors, a useless text and a list of possible actions:

And that’s it. Thus, the sanctions of the search system associated with the wrapping of behavioral factors have become peremptory . It is this moment that emphasizes the seriousness of this topic (how to find the form, read in the comments below).

Before we talk about how not to become an innocent victim of this problem, let's talk a little about who we owe the attention of this filter to and what its algorithms are tailored for.

The cheating of the site’s behavioral factors at Yandex is part of a package of measures to increase the site’s position by SEO specialists. This is sometimes loudly called promotion by behavioral factors . In order to optimize labor costs, the SEO specialist turns to special services, where a certain task is performed automatically or with the help of people for a small fee. The limited variety of tasks (actions) and some associativity of the IP addresses of those who do the wrapping, gives the PS filter the conclusion that the behavioral ranking factor is wound.

So, we come to the first news, a letter of happiness from Yandex in the Webmaster panel. You should check this mailbox regularly , and if you don’t have one, register there and link your site to it.

The letter will have a very distant, non-threatening name, in the best styles of messages from Don Carleone: "On some search engine optimization methods and their consequences."

Here are the contents of the automatic email at the end of 2014:
Recently, some SEO companies and services, including automated website promotion services, offer webmasters services related to "behavioral factors." This can be called in different ways: “strengthening behavioral factors”, “promoting behavioral factors”, “behavioral factors for everyone”, “strengthening links by behavioral factors” and so on. As a rule, these names conceal an attempt to deceive a search engine in various ways related to emulating user actions.
Like other methods of cheating, this method has nothing to do with a real improvement in the quality of the site in the interests of business and users. Moreover, the development of such deceptive methods based on the fake actions of fake users negatively affects the trust in the entire Internet industry.
The use of such methods can adversely affect the trust of the search engine to the site and lead to a significant reduction in traffic. More complete information about the attitude of Yandex to similar methods of promotion and their consequences can be found in the Yandex blog for webmasters:
About one of the incorrect methods of search promotion and its consequences
About one of the incorrect methods of search promotion and its consequences - 2
Yandex recommends avoiding the use of these methods in its practice, as well as making sure that the companies and services whose services you use do not offer such “promotion” methods.
We wish you the right decisions in the coming year!

It's time to get scared when you see such a message, it is addressed specifically to your site * and this, in fact, is nothing more than a classic kiss of death , since the whole intrigue of transmitting this message is that the sender assumes that you know what it is about and what will be next. The catch is that someone does not understand what they are talking about, because he does not know what the reason is, or, worse, does not know that it is he and his habits that are the reason. Thus, he will not do anything, becoming a victim of search algorithms, well, I didn’t do anything like that !?
*Note from 01/21/2015: the letters arrived on December 25-28, 2014 in bulk, perhaps Yandex sent them for the first time for prevention and this is not related to a specific site. In the future, it will be necessary to clarify whether there is a similar letter in other boxes of “webmaster panels”.

After receiving the letter, it is important to analyze the situation and take the necessary package of actions within a week from the date indicated in the letter.

But, back to the essence of the problem. Now we will come closer to examining the imperfection of the filter of behavioral factors. I will not conceal it: the problem is the inconsistency of Yandex services and inaccurate values ​​at low traffic rates.

At one time, Andrei Kalinin, head of the search development team, said that site behavioral factors at low rates could not be fully used in the ranking formula. And it seems that the main search algorithms have already learned to work adequately in this regard, however, the filter affected here does not differ in such elegance, since it is not connected with the main search system. Moreover, this can be clearly seen by analyzing the sanctioned website in various regions and domains of the Yandex Substation. It just adjusts the value of the positions. At the same time, he does not have a cutoff at low rates. Simply put, an inadequately tuned algorithm will cut off your Top10 and everything for at least 2 weeks. Whether the precipitate remains after this is reliably unknown. There is nothing surprising in such a "motley": different people work on the output and filter, solve different problems, their attention is paid to different things, they are limited by the ability to disperse their attention to aspects less important for their work.

And now, let's get back to the thought above, “ I didn’t do anything like that.
We will not even develop a story about your competitors who can give you such a gift (and it’s especially elegant to do this for a new player in the market by calculating the budget for positions in the PS and CTR, and then letting him the necessary percentage of the cheapest wrap) and go back to stories of a simple person and his site.

So, answer the question, but did you do something on your site in principle? You went to the site and took certain actions, you may be the owner of the site and go down to the Yandex.Metrica icon 10 times a day to look at the indicators, or edit the content directly in your shared hosting panel and update the content a hundred times a day, or just do the so-called stupid ... Remember your behavior on the site and mentally see how similar your actions are, how they are honed, from what similar IP they are performed. Are you scared already?

And here is the main idea: if you love your site and constantly go to pages with a low number of visitors (and, worse, with positive traffic dynamics), you can become a victim of the Yandex PF filter. Remember: the webmaster’s excessive love for the site is prohibited.

But stop! During my visits, I go to Yandex.Metrica (he must understand this) or, perhaps, I have a checkmark in the metric “do not take my visits into account”. Indeed, the visits will not be taken into account! But, at the same time, they will be taken into account by the filter, because, if it is not paradoxical from the outside, Yandex services are not agreed in any way, which was confirmed by Yandex representatives themselves. This is done primarily so that people do not produce accounts, trying to bypass any service, so the search for all kinds of parsers does not go through an analysis of several accounts, but only within the framework of the current one.

But the metric and the PF filter still have something in common - and this is the Yandex counter, a third-party product that you kindly agreed to install, and which works not only to your advantage, but also against it (if you behave by its suspicious). The second point is especially very slippery for site owners, because it is possible to install third-party counters. In the context of the topic, the Yandex script that monitors user behavior is especially dangerous in the counter code.

And here it is, a wonderful recipe: if the page on your site has an average attendance of less than 50 people a month and you are not involved in cheating, feel free to remove the scalpel from your Yandex.Metrica counter. I seriously recommend leaving you only the following code:

With such low indicators, behavioral factors do not matter for the PS ranking formula, but the filter already works to the full. You increase your risks, and in return you receive nothing. If you are in the commercial field, this is especially dangerous.

And one more thing about when you break through the results and go to your own site or do not even do the latter. This is very dangerous, even if you are authorized as the owner of the site. There is no consistency of services, you will be counted as a regular visitor ... a strange visitor, and the less traffic on the page that you like to visit, the more chances to get an anathema from the Yandex search engine.

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