“Love and hate” on the map of Russia, winter 2014-2015: the fourth study of the emotional state of 35 million social media users

    We present the new Brand Analytics data on the emotional state of users of social networks in the regions of Russia. Between December 8 and 21, 2014, the fourth measurement of the ratio of positive and negative emotions in public messages of Russian social media users was carried out. The main conclusion: despite the difficult political and economic situation, the country maintains a positive dynamics in the overall emotional background .


    As in previous studies, Russian-language references to “love” and “hate” in the first person were analyzed : positive emotions (for example, “I love”, “adore” , etc.) and negative ( “I hate”, “annoys me” "etc.). To identify messages that meet the above criteria for a specified period of time, 528 million Russian-language messages from 35 million authors from popular social networks were analyzed : VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Instagram, etc.

    During the study period, positive and negative emotions were mentioned in total in 5.2 million messages , of which 81.8% of messages were about love and only 18.2% - about hate . Compared with the May data, the number of love messages increased by 2.8% .

    For each subject of the Russian Federation, the “Love Index" * was calculated, on the basis of which it is possible to identify the regions of the most positive and negative. It is important to note that according to the measurement results, all regions of Russia have positive indices greater than 1, i.e. There are more positive messages than negative ones.

    Leading regions:

    The Republic of Khakassia won the Leadership in the Love Index in December , with a Love Index of 5.4, which allowed it to rise to the first line from 9th place in the May ranking. The Kostroma region and the Altai Republic with indexes equal to 5.4 , divided the second and third lines of the rating. Fourth place and fifth place are the Republic of Kalmykia and the Vladimir region , with indices of 5.2.

    Regions with the lowest value of the “Love Index”:

    The lowest positive value , as before, was recorded in the Republic of Ingushetia - the index was 3.0 , the republic remained in last, 85th place. 84th line of the rating - the Republic of Dagestan with an index of 3.0, 83rd place - Sakha - 3.2, 82 - Chechen Republic - 3.2, and 81 - Kabardino-Balkaria - 3.3.


    The growth of the Love index, despite the low positions in the ranking, was shown by all the outsider regions of the previous study. Perhaps it was in these regions that the “reserve for growth” of the amount of positive emotions remained, and there is a mood that growth will continue.

    The highest growth was shown by the Republic of Kalmykia, which rose immediately to 58 lines and took 4th place in the rating with an index of 5.2. Such an explosive growth of the Love Index in the region is probably due to the improving social situation occurring after an early change of leadership in the region in September 2014 and the fact that Zul, one of the main and favorite national holidays of the republic, was held in Kalmykia during the study. Sevastopol and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

    also showed high growth , rising to 19 and 49 places in the rating , thus administrative units improved their positions by 28 and 30 points, respectively.

    The Amur Region , which had not previously dropped below 12 places, and in May took the third place, strongly lost its position, taking only47th place . Perhaps the mood of the inhabitants of the region was influenced by severe weather conditions in December - severe snowstorms, snowdrifts and the associated large number of accidents and other emergencies.

    Brief summary of the study: the range of Love Index values ​​in Russia expanded again towards an increase in the “positive” maximum, while increasing the minimum value, which may indicate an improvement in the overall emotional climate in all regions of the country .

    * The index is calculated as the ratio of the number of messages of love to the number of messages of hate.

    You can view the full version of the study and the Love Index interactive map for all regions of Russia in the Brand Analytics blog .

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