Without cuts. The first month of cashback service in Russia

    Thanks to the Khabrozhitel, who positively greeted the welcome post  on Habré, as we did the cashback service. Many wrote to us, offered help and used the service. Thanks to those who found bugs, we hastened to fix them and will be grateful for future feedback. 

    We thought for a long time about in what format to organize communication with the world of customers and users who are not indifferent to us, and we were hooked by the concept of openness, which Neil Patel recently set out well  .

    The bottom line is that you need to be open with your audience, showing the maximum number of metrics, tactics and moves by which you can track company results. This strategy, in addition to generating additional traffic, also helps to get a loyal audience for the company and service. Openness is not only about sharing successes and victories with users, but also about the problems that you face face to face, which unsettle you and make you stronger. 

    Inspired by the experience of companies such as Moz , Groove , BufferOpen and others that are moving forward, thanks to their openness, regularly disclosing profit indicators to the world, regardless of whether the period was successful or not. For example, in this articleMoz reason how they lost 5.7 million dollars. They talk about the growth that they managed to get and the directions in which they became better.

    So, here are some of the results that were achieved during the month of kubish.ru work in Russia: 

    1. Visitors

    In a month we received 17 969 visits, or 14 152 unique visitors.
    Many visits were from the media and Habr. After the news about the launch of the service was released, many posted information about us, for which many thanks to them. The most thoughtful owners of information resources published their referral link to us, which helped them get a bunch of referrals, for each of which 50 bonus cents and 10% from each referral cashback are charged.

    2. Registration

    This led to the registration of 829 users, among them 168 referrals.

    3. Purchases

    128 purchases per month, a little more than 4 purchases per day, which is very good considering the holidays. However, this is very far from our annual goal of 1,000 purchases per day.

    4. Turnover

    Clients bought almost 500 thousand rubles a month through our service.

    5. Attraction channels
    -Media and journalists
    This channel turned out to be one of the most effective. Over the past month, 16 publications and interviews have been published about us, which made it possible to tell the audience in detail about the service, to receive many registrations and applications for cooperation.

    Habr , Spark , own blog. They also bring a good share of registrations.

    -Contextual advertising
    We managed to set up fairly cheap campaigns, and we continue to hone our models of attracting audiences from search advertising in Yandex and Google, from thematic platforms. The other day we launched an advertisement in a video and in the next report we will talk about the results.

    -Social networks
    We are present in all social networks and held a contest this month in VK , which brought almost 1000 new subscribers and many registrations. Plans to launch something big for Valentine's Day.

    -Reference traffic
    We will continue to develop a referral mechanism, and perhaps soon we will offer more chips for webmasters and sites.

    So far, this channel is in its infancy. The person who started to work with him, unfortunately, could not join the rhythm of the company and had to refuse his services.

    Just started and look at the result.


    We plan to release such videos to talk about the service.

    6. About tracking
    Be sure to use UTM tags so that you can track traffic sources. It is very important to understand where and how many visitors came and which of them was converted into registration and sale. We are trying to fix all these metrics.

    7. Technical Fails
    We unfortunately did not release the planned mobile applications and browser extension. Partly because there are so many distractions that need to be solved here and now, and partly because the development is two-way and requires development both on the client and on the server.

    Another technical file is related to the fact that not all partners give us information on users in full. The place that Western partners work like clockwork, unfortunately, is not always correct in Russian realities. We have to do a lot of manual work, communicate with customers and partners.

    That's all for today and thanks for the positive feedback! We hope our experience will inspire someone to certain actions. If readers like this format of publications, then we will continue to talk about our results.

    To continue to monitor our successes, you can simply subscribe to this blog and in return we will share our lessons and strategies that we use in the company.

    PS Register and be sure to get cashback from your online purchases

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