Microsoft Azure raises prices in Russia by 44%

    You spread butter on fresh bread, sip a pleasantly smelling morning coffee. Occasionally, you look into the browser, the day goes on ... and then you receive an email from Microsoft Azure cloud hosting. In my opinion, the best cloud hosting at the moment.
    Why Azure, we had love after all!

    Microsoft periodically evaluates the impact of local prices to ensure that there is acceptable alignment with the needs of customers, partners, and the market, and may also make changes in response to its assessment and feedback.

    Starting February 12, 2015, local prices for Azure in Russia will be increased by 44 percent to align them with prices in most other markets.

    There is good news: if you bought a subscription for 6 or 12 months, then old prices will be valid until its end.

    According to a source inside the company, the increase in prices for Azure is associated with sharp fluctuations of the ruble in 2014 and its fall at the end of December.

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