Yandex Live Requests

    Some time ago I came across an interesting gizmo: - the latest queries to the Yandex search engine.

    He sat, updated it, probably an hour, it’s a very interesting thing to watch, what people are asking Yandex.
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    I remember there was a post “Requests to Yandex - Live” , they showed a map with requests there, but for some reason now the link does not work.

    I remembered that I had once seen a page where the requests to were displayed with tiles, and decided to make my own, only about Yandex, with all the consequences.

    At first I made it for myself, but many liked this thing, I decided to put it out for general review. I hope not to fall .

    How it works: we open the page - we see the latest requests, by ajax tiles for new requests are randomly updated. Because requests in different languages ​​come across, for example, in Turkish, the Yandex translator screwed up . He is trying to translate everything that is not written in Russian (in small print below).

    For beauty, you can change the colors of the tiles to red, blue or green, the default multi-colored.

    Caching, of course, is, only small, 2 seconds. And then I noticed that Yandex gives out 403 with frequent requests.

    You can see this creation here:

    Thank you!

    All with the upcoming and good luck in the New Year! :)

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