IBM Cloud Helps Improve Diabetes Care

    December 17, IBM announced the results of a collaboration with the German company Diabetizer. This company deals with health issues, namely, medical technologies that could improve the medical conditions for people with various diseases. In particular, it is planned to begin work with patients with diabetes. Partners plan to create a cloud-based application that will allow diabetics to automatically upload data to the Web, followed by processing the downloaded data and presenting the results in an understandable form.

    According to the plan, patients with diabetes will be able to use various devices with a network connection that would help people periodically send data such as blood sugar levels. According to Diabetizer, there are now more than 350 million people with diabetes of one type or another in the world. In fact, diabetes is one of the most common diseases of our time. Working with IBM, Diabetizer is changing the way people with diabetes and their organizations interact. Nowadays, many diabetic patients use hand-written medication plans, and often can’t get the results of blood sugar analysis on time, not to mention detailed biometric information.

    Also a problem is a “manual” check of blood sugar. Using the capabilities of IBM Cloud, Diabetizer was able to create a cloud application designed to analyze the large amount of data provided by diabetics. Moreover, the application also has a version for mobile devices, which allows diabetics to receive and send data without any problems in a matter of minutes. In particular, patients are able to:

    • Aggregate data on blood sugar levels, nutrition and health data obtained from various sources;
    • Use the Internet of Things to integrate biometric data from wearable devices by analyzing physical activity and blood sugar.

    “Cloud computing has given us a flexible and powerful tool that allowed us to create a cloud application presented as a simple web service,” said Robin Hrassnigg, founder and managing director of Diabetizer.

    “By combining this data with the capabilities of analytical tools, we provide millions of diabetics with the opportunity to provide better health care,” continued Hrassnigg.

    Appendix myDIABETIZERcombines the ability to accurately assess blood glucose levels with the ability to obtain medical documentation needed by doctors and diabetologists. Cloud service from Diabetizer allows you to easily implement an individual approach to each patient. Among other things, the application is synchronized with devices such as iBGStar and GlucoDock, with the ability to download data via smartphones and tablets.

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