Yandex family filter failed

    imageA week ago, for fun, we decided with a colleague to torment Yandex's “family filter” for reliability and morality ... And what we discovered - to put it mildly, we were very surprised!

    Family search crashed on Yandex.Pictures.
    In the "Family Search" mode - with the correct set of words of "non-family" subjects - the image search engine works fine and refuses to display obscene images. But it’s worth making a typo in the set of “taboo vocabulary” - how a careful search engine immediately automatically corrects the error and gives thousands of images (far from family-friendly content) for a corrected request!

    Having decided to test a little deeper, we came to the following conclusions:
    1. Some typos in obscene and other “unacceptable” words are automatically corrected, and the search engine displays pictures for the searched words.
    2. The bug only works on typos, and does not apply to typical illiterate spelling errors.
    3. Most typos (in words that are not allowed by “Family Search”) are automatically corrected not for mats, but for more frequent ordinary words (for example, “trains”). However, there are typos - which still give the output of a "non-family" result.

    In order not to be unfounded and in vain not to roll a barrel on Yandex, I bring a couple of screenshots.

    Here we are looking for a “non-family” word and, as expected, the Family Filter fights back:

    ... but we are looking with an error, Yandex helpfully corrects and displays terribly non- family content:

    As for the example given here: I emphasize - the point is not whether the children need to know such words (this is a separate conversation), but that Yandex, when correctly typed, considers such words to be childish and does not show anything. But thanks to the bug - it shows, and by no means drawings from the textbook of anatomy (check yourself). And the very word “vagina” (and even pictures on it) is, of course, harmless childish pranks compared to what Family Search gives out in other cases, for other words. You can penetrate here with my colleague - on Habré I didn’t spread this beauty for moral and aesthetic reasons.

    PS. At the time of publication of the article, Yandex had already fixed everything (after all, the company works very quickly and coolly, everyone would) and we can only guess whether it was an old jamb or if it was a temporary bug that we stumbled upon.

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