The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal # 2


    In this issue, more than 30 news, materials, interesting modules are waiting for you - all the most interesting and fresh from the world of Drupal.

    In Russian

    Let's start with materials in Russian:

    Everything for a Drupal Developer

    Drupal news and articles from around the world in our main section:
    • “All future technologies have one thing in common: the developers of the first prototypes knowingly build systems with the possibility of innovation from future users.” A controversial and too strict statement is possible, but maybe the success of Drupal 7 is explained in this way? A very interesting material is waiting for you in the article Adaptive Architecture: Leave Room to Evolve .
    • Drupal has several popular “core” themes. The author of the article explains why he chose Bootstrap: Which Base Theme We Use (and Why) .
    • Don't know what hooks are yet? This article is an example of a simple module specifically for beginners.
    • In Drupal, as in any full-fledged framework, there is always a place for non-trivial things, pitfalls, rakes, bicycles, etc. In this regard, the Gotcha collections are very interesting - this time from the developer of Wunderkraut - Bernt's Drupal Gotchas .
    • Does the client ask you for CRM ? Do you need a customer relationship management system yourself? Make it on Drupal'e, but do not reinvent the wheel, because over 7 different solutions are already available, which are dedicated to a separate review .
    • If you are developing a multilingual site and want individual fields to be translated, including headings, and not the entire material, then be sure to check out the Setup Entity Translation the right way article .
    • Parse third-party sites? Faced with the problem of selecting regular expressions and the like? Try using the Import.IO service . Moreover, it integrates normally with the Feeds module .
    • You can talk endlessly about the flexible and powerful Views module. This time we offer you detailed instructions on how to configure a tricky filter by file type without a single line of code.
      If the task cannot be solved from the admin panel, the Views API comes to the rescue. The article of Appnovation example of customization built-in field with a code.
    • “Drupal Actively Searching" - so wanted to title this digest! :)
      1. A great introduction to faceted search (with video).
      2. Apache Solr and Drupal series of articles. The first and second parts have already been released .
      3. Another manual for installing Apache Solr , an option for development.
      4. Search API integration with RESTful approach .
    • Study trendy AngularJS or just planning to do it? Not sure how to screw it to Drupal? Check out the AngularJS in Drupal Apps article , which creates a block with a list of nodes and a search for them, which works absolutely asynchronously.
    • Security issues on sites will always be relevant, especially since the number of utilities that collect vulnerable sites in semi-automatic mode is constantly growing. The Drupal Security Tips for Developers article helps you move in the right direction.
    • The article How to improve security on Drupal sites provides a number of ways to hide the fact of using Drupal so as not to attract the attention of automatic utilities for scanning for vulnerabilities.
    • If you have not heard about the Offline-first concept, we recommend that you read the Let's Take Drupal Offline presentation ! The idea, at least, is curious, although not very applicable at the moment, out of the box.
    • Sometimes you look at the standard forms of editing content in Drupal and understand: "something is not right." Yuri Gerasimov has several ideas on how to significantly improve UX Drupal.
    • Did you know about user_multiple_role_edit()? A short note on how to programmatically assign roles to a user is at your service.
    • We continue the coding theme with two curious helper libraries for those who write a lot of code: Wrappers Delight and Distill .
    • Where Drupal is, there is Drush. The author Advanced Drupal User Management With Drush showed some examples of work with users directly from the console. For a complete set, only the user-login command is missing .
    • Almost always, working with different environments, for example: local, staging server, production, you have to face the fact that each of them uses its own details to connect to the database, as well as a variety of settings, which ultimately leads to the need to have one giant settings.php file or many different ones, for example settings-prod.php. Everything would be fine, but the problem is that each developer’s local environment can have their own - which means that even having a local settings file, let's say settings-local.php, everyone will have their own version, which will lead to superfluous changes to git status. This problem has a solution, and it is covered in the article Include a local Drupal settings file for environment configuration and overrides .
    • If you were wondering how to make your own “widget” in Panels, then we recommend reading the article How to Create Ctools Content Types in Drupal 7 about creating CTools content types.
    • In general, Panels is still a little thing. Yuri Gerasimov tells in his blog how to control the sequence of rendering panels from the admin panel and from the code. Live and learn!
    • Interested in how to work with multimedia in Drupal? We have an interesting series of articles about the Scald module for you: Part 1 (an overview of solutions) and Part 2 (an introduction to Scald) have already been released .
    • A detailed manual on how to make friends with the Media module and YouTube was written by Lullabots.
    • We also highly recommend reading the Resource Guide: Managing Media in Drupal . It presents a compilation of the most famous modules and practices on this topic.

    Business and Community

    Drupal outside code:
    • Drupal Year Results, Very Short, But Very Concise: Six Things We Learned About Drupal in 2014
    • To speed up work on Drupal 8, they recently created the $ 125,000 Drupal Accelerate Fund . Now, any person or organization can apply for a grant if they are ready to organize a sprint to support the core of the system. Dries and the Drupal Association also seek help from organizations that are willing to sponsor the fund in the future. The ambitious goal is to raise an additional $ 65,000.
    • The team is actively working to make the main Drupal site convenient for all its users. To do this, the Drupal Association conducted a series of interviews with developers at various levels from beginner to master. The Russian community was represented by Katya Marshalkina aka kalabro : Meeting Personas: The Drupal Expert .
    • There is another division of Drupal developers: Site Builder, Themer, and Module Develper. What is the difference in the What is a Drupal developer article ?
    • Want to play for Drupal 8, but there’s no mentor or a suitable project? Get involved in initiatives to translate local community sites to Drupal 8: and, respectively.

    Drupal 8

    News from the fronts of the development of the next version of Drupal:
    • Beta4 released .
    • Cheat sheet for configuration yaml-files , in which all site settings are now stored.
    • We port the module from seven to eight using the Drupal Module Upgrader module.
    • As you know, Drupal 8 includes a number of PHP components, probably familiar to web developers from other frameworks, such as Symfony. Kris Vanderwater provides an overview of the main ones:
      The series will continue.
    • The development of Drupal 8 is not so simple , possibly due to the fact that the main focus of the system has shifted towards the enterprise-world, which naturally entailed the complication of the system and raised the bar for counter-promotion. Interestingly, in this regard, the fork from Drupal 7 - Backdrop CMS looks . However, the majority of respondents are optimistic for 2015.

    Interesting modules

    And finally, a few modules that are worth paying attention to:

    Oleg Kot and Katya Marshalkina worked on the release . Write to us with any questions and suggestions!

    All the best! See you in the new year!

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