The Chinese used a microchip to control American computers.


    According to Bloomberg , a microchip was found in many motherboards manufactured by Supermicro, which was not originally part of the board's circuits and allowed attackers to remotely control a computer with such a motherboard.

    The story began with the purchase of Elemental Technologies by Amazon in 2015. Elemental Technologies, among other things, helped the CIA get images from drones, and its technology was interesting for Amazon as part of a secure cloud created by the company for its government customers.

    Amazon insisted on testing Elemental's security systems by a third-party company that discovered a microchip installed by China’s board builders on Elemental’s Elemental motherboards manufactured by Supermicro and not part of the original Supermicro circuitry. Computers with "infected" boards are in the use of such structures as the US Department of Defense, the CIA and on the USC ships. In addition, these boards are used by about 30 large US corporations, including Apple Inc.

    The Bloomberg agency also reminds that China produces more than 75% of modern smartphones and 90% of modern computers.

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